Get in My Belly: Unique Foods at Ski Resorts


It’s the middle of the day and you’ve been pounding powder since the lifts opened. Though your super-human stamina allows you to continue the crushing until the sun sets, your stomach is yodeling louder than the guy in the Ricola… Read More →

The Life of an Avy Dog


I want to be reincarnated as an avalanche rescue dog. I mean think about it: You get to hit the slopes pretty much every day of the season, you and your best friend are always the first ones on the… Read More →

Give The Gift Of Ski This Holiday Season

by / November 25, 2014 / liftopia, Ski, Ski & Snowboard, Snowboard

Socks? Scented candles? The funny gift that’s not actually funny? Let’s face it. At one time or another, we’ve all received gifts we weren’t too thrilled about. This year, we’re making it easy to give your family and friends something… Read More →

Zack Giffin: Living Tiny, Skiing Large


Imagine living in, and skiing out of, a house that’s only 112 square feet. While you might jokingly think that this tiny house is not much larger than your ski boot bag, professional skier Zack Giffin does just that, sometimes… Read More →

A Day In The Life Of A Ski Patroller


I started skiing at the age of 6. When I think back to my early days of skiing (rope tows, T-bars and all), I remember seeing those Ski Patrol guys (and girls) and thought, Wouldn’t it be neat to be… Read More →

Skiing in the Shadow of Zeus: Warren Miller’s Battle with The Gods


Loaded horses plod along the village’s ancient cobblestone paths. A woman, hunched with age, looks on with an inquisitive but smiling gaze. It’s not every day that brightly-clad skiers from North America travel through her tiny hometown. This is Greece,… Read More →

North America’s Favorite Groomers


Every resort, every mountain and every hill, whether big or small, has at least one great groomed run. Last month, we shared a list of North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs. This month, in that same spirit of social media inclusivity,… Read More →

How To Move On After a Life-Changing Injury


In the world of skiing, injuries happen. We all know a friend who has blown an ACL and the sight of a skier rag-dolling down the slope is all too common. However, for adaptive skiers, the life-changing accidents frequently cause… Read More →

Ski Resorts For Early Season Skiing


The masses arrive at ski resorts during the holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s. Serious skiers and boarders often can’t wait that long, but they also want a significant amount of available open terrain. Early December can be a… Read More →

Green Snowmaking Initiatives in New England


Have you ever taken advantage of rebates to help replace your old refrigerator or air conditioner with a more energy-efficient one? Local utilities and governments offer similar incentive programs to businesses, including ski areas in Vermont and Maine. Efficiency Vermont,… Read More →