How To Become A Ski Patroller


The very quick and easy answer to the above title is—Contact your local ski patrol to get more information on how to become a ski patroller. The longer answer starts with the following question… Do you have what it takes… Read More →

How It Works: Snow Grooming 101


Fresh powder is the Holy Grail of snowboarding – but the next best thing is sweet, smooth corduroy. Carving turns on a perfectly groomed trail under deep blue skies is one of the best experiences on the hill. Did you… Read More →

7 Tips To Avoid Ski Crowds During the Holiday Season


The snow is falling in the mountains and the time for turkey has passed. The holidays are officially upon us, and with the seasonal sweet treats and festive lights comes an even bigger holiday for many: ski season is officially… Read More →

How to Stay Warm on the Slopes: Baselayers


Because you know I’m all about that base, ‘bout that base, base-layer. That was horribly cheesy, but for real, let’s talk about baselayers. Even when it’s warm out and I see people skiing in hoodies (or late spring when guys… Read More →

The ABC’s of Avoiding ACL Injuries While Skiing


Back in the day, skiers had to worry about breaking a leg out on the slopes, but better bindings technology has now made leg fractures from skiing fairly rare. Unfortunately, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are the new ski injury… Read More →

5 Steps to Planning a Women’s Ski Vacation


Girl time refreshes my soul. With ski season just starting and International Women’s Ski Day coming up on December 13th, now is the time to plan a ski/riding vacation. Don’t get me wrong, my guy is sweet and romantic, but there’s… Read More →

5 Reasons to Hit The Slopes On Christmas & New Year’s Day


Christmas morning is a magical thing. It’s one special day of the year that’s ALL about family, fun, love, and a whole lot of presents. This year, why not add white, fluffy powder and fresh mountain air to the mix?… Read More →

The Ski Bum Guide: Lifestyle of the Poor and Nameless

ski bum hero

You finally did it. You’ve been hired at a resort to live out your dreams of skiing daily or you’ve saved up enough to convert your truck into a winter-home-on-wheels so you can hit as many ski areas as possible…. Read More →

Favorite Ski Trails in New England


New England skiing has never been better. Snowmaking technology has almost eliminated the infamous northeastern patch of ice; high-speed quads take you to the peaks in record time; synthetic fibers like capilene, polypro, and polar fleece keep you as warm… Read More →

Canada: Off The Beaten Track


Canada is a nation that’s big on skiing. It is home to North America’s biggest ski area at Whistler Blackcomb; it has several of the top five places for ‘biggest lift-served-vertical’ in North America, including the biggest at Revelstoke; it… Read More →