Katie Coakley is a freelance writer who covers travel, cuisine, beer and spirits. You'll find her SUPing on the Gulf of Mexico or high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when she's not glacier climbing in Iceland, diving in Borneo or riding the rails in Vietnam. Follow her adventures online on Instagram (@Katie_on_the_Map), Twitter at @katiecoakley or at Katie on the Map.

Get in My Belly: Unique Foods at Ski Resorts

It’s the middle of the day and you’ve been pounding powder since the lifts opened. Though your super-human stamina allows you to continue the crushing until the sun sets, your stomach is yodeling louder than the guy in the Ricola… Read More →

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Blast From The Past: Ski Resorts, Then and Now

Though skiing has been utilized as a method of transport for almost five thousand years, our snow loving predecessors didn’t really start utilizing the fluffy white stuff for purely recreational purposes until the end of the 19th century. The first… Read More →


13 Ways To Après-Ski Around the World

There’s no denying it: sometimes the best part of a ski day is the après-ski. From laid-back to lascivious, there are all sorts of après opportunities around the world. We know how it works in our own backyards, like New… Read More →


Best Fall Beers You Need To Try

Summer is officially over, according to the calendar. However, the real end of summer is marked not by a set date, but a series of events that herald the coming of autumn (and, with it, winter) much more accurately than… Read More →


How Addicted to Winter Are You?

In the mountains, summers are sacred. Before you know it, they’re gone. However, for all of summer’s fleeting nature, there are some folks that think that they last just a bit too long—they’re ready for winter. There are several ways… Read More →

Joss Christensen

Q&A with Joss Christensen, Slopestyle’s First Olympic Gold Medalist in Skiing

Gold medals are always a big deal, but perhaps they have a bit more shine when they’re the first in the field. We caught up with Joss Christensen, Olympic Slopestyle gold medalist in skiing, at Copper Mountain Resort where he… Read More →


Sage Kotsenburg: Athlete Profile & Q&A

Gold medals are always a big deal, but perhaps they have a bit more shine when they’re the first in the field. We caught up with Sage Kotsenburg, Olympic Slopestyle Gold Medalist in snowboarding, at Copper Mountain Resort where he… Read More →


How to Build the Ultimate Shot Ski

Ah, the shot ski. This particular instrument of revelry (or torture, depending on your height) is possibly the second best use for a ski and an excellent way to immortalize those classic boards that you just can’t seem to part with…. Read More →

Repurpose Ski Gear

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Ski Gear

There comes a time in every skier and snowboarder’s life where you have to say goodbye to the ones you love. Maybe it’s the 10 year-old Volant Machetes that lasted through the good times and are now relegated to late-season… Read More →


10 Species of Skiers You Encounter On Every Ski Trip

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. You walk into the lodge/bar/lift line at a ski resort and you look around, shaking your head in disbelief. “I’ve been here before,” you think. But you haven’t. You’ve just embarked on your… Read More →