Best Fall Beers You Need To Try


Summer is officially over, according to the calendar. However, the real end of summer is marked not by a set date, but a series of events that herald the coming of autumn (and, with it, winter) much more accurately than… Read More →

Liftopia Weekly Goods: Sept. 29, 2014


Counting down the days? You’re not alone! To help you kick off the 2014/15 season with an early start, here’s a run down of some of the projected ski area opening dates across North America. Better yet… If you book… Read More →

A Skier’s & Rider’s Bucket List


It’s here: The growing buzz at your local ski shop. Approaching deadlines for resort season passes. Gear reviews in your Facebook feed. Fall seasonal beers and pumpkin spice Oreos (yes, that’s a real thing). These happenings can mean only one… Read More →

Ski Bums Pick: The East’s Top 3 Most Livable Ski Towns


When the question “Where’s the best ski town to live in year round?” was posed to a bunch of North American snow sport diehards, consensuses gathered around a few choice areas. These places cater to “graduated” ski bums who want… Read More →

Get Your Ski Gear Ready For The Upcoming Season


Remember spring? It was only a few months ago. Maybe you were still skiing in April and May, or maybe your season had ended, but here at Liftopia, we offered you some advice, gently suggesting that you wax and tune… Read More →

Pro Freeskier Brita Sigourney: Athlete Profile & Q&A

Brita Sigourney

Everyone knows chicks who ski are rad. Yeah, that’s a vague statement that might cause you to pause and ask, “But, what kind of skiers are you talking about?” I’m talking about the chicks you see on TV tossing their… Read More →

From Powder to Corn: Terms for Snow Conditions

Snow conditions

For skiers above a basic level of proficiency, snow conditions can affect a slope’s difficulty more than the steepness. A steep chute with 6 inches of fresh powder may be less daunting than an intermediate trail with hard-packed snow. Given… Read More →

Ski Boot Buying 101: Fit Is The New Sexy


My favorite shoes are neither cute nor sexy and I typically can’t wait to take them off at the end of the day. I spent a lot money and time choosing these oh-so-clunky kicks but they reward me every time… Read More →

Liftopia Weekly Goods: Sept. 15, 2014


Rockin’ white after Labor Day, as we’ve all heard, is a huge fashion faux-pas…except when Mother Nature does it—in which case, we applaud her impeccable sense of style! From light dustings to surprisingly impressive dumps, several mountains across North America… Read More →

Learn to Ski or Ride at Age 30 & Beyond

Lean To Ski Or Ride at Age 30 & Beyond

I’ve always been somewhat of a late bloomer. It wreaked havoc on my professional football career: I was 5’3 and 98 lbs as a freshman in high school. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that get me down. It took a little… Read More →