6 Tips For Planning Your Next Adventure Trip


Cold, wet, hungry, and in the middle of nowhere… I was happy for a plan. We’d just climbed out of a slot canyon in the Kingdom of Jordan. Luckily, beds and hot meals were waiting for us at Rummana Camp…. Read More →

Buying Skis: Sidecut & Turn Radius Explained

Buying Skis: Sidecut

The first step towards understanding how a ski will perform is to become familiar with the terms related to a ski’s shape. Understanding sidecut, turn radius, and other measurements found on ski specs will help you choose the right pair… Read More →

5 Downhill Mountain Biking Resorts in North America


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Nathalie Couët, one of the writers for Go Girl. Summer…the season to get into some of the most adrenaline-pumping outdoor sports. Mountain biking ranks high on the list for adrenaline junkies, regardless of whether we’re… Read More →

11 Adventure Races That’ll Blow You Away

Adventure Races

Have you participated in endurance races like Ragnar, Tough Mudder, and the Zombie Run… and you’re still left wanting more? Compared to the following expedition-style events that test real adventure skills — orienteering, mountain biking, climbing, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, endurance… Read More →

Sea to Sky Gondola Empowers Adventure & Backcountry Access

Sea To Sky Gondola

Would Summer operations at ski areas be more successful if they focused on empowering adventure and backcountry access? A new gondola makes the case. Ten days before its opening on May 16, the Sea to Sky gondola was getting several… Read More →

Ski South America During the Northern Summer

Ski South America

Apart from a few well-known destinations like Chile’s Portillo and Argentina’s Barilloche, many of us don’t know much about the skiing and snowboarding scene down in South America (or up, depending on which way you choose to look at the… Read More →

Fly South for Winter: Skiing in New Zealand & Australia


Summer skiing in North America exists, but the options are few and far between. Take a trip below the Equator, however, and you’ll find something different… the seasons are flipped. South America may be the best-known Southern Hemisphere skiing spot,… Read More →

How to Live the Outdoor Life — Indefinitely


You’re such a bum. Take it as a compliment: You want to ski, board, climb, kayak, mountain bike, and hike your way through life. You won’t find a judgmental face here; the Liftopia crowd understands where you’re coming from. Heck,… Read More →

Park City Mountain Resort Guide

Park City Mountain Resort

The focal point of Park City’s vibrant ski community, Park City Mountain Resort hosts some of skiing’s greatest innovators and professionals. From its prestigious ski racing team, which has produced the likes of Ted Ligety, to its stacked park team,… Read More →

Mikaela Shiffrin: Athlete Profile and Q&A


“Now that I’ve won an Olympic gold medal, I can’t wait to study for my SATs,” said nobody ever – Well, except Mikaela Shiffrin, albeit with notably less enthusiasm. When we recently caught up with Mikaela, she was already training… Read More →