How Addicted to Winter Are You?


In the mountains, summers are sacred. Before you know it, they’re gone. However, for all of summer’s fleeting nature, there are some folks that think that they last just a bit too long—they’re ready for winter. There are several ways… Read More →

Q&A with Joss Christensen, Slopestyle’s First Olympic Gold Medalist in Skiing

Joss Christensen

Gold medals are always a big deal, but perhaps they have a bit more shine when they’re the first in the field. We caught up with Joss Christensen, Olympic Slopestyle gold medalist in skiing, at Copper Mountain Resort where he… Read More →

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: A Gear Nerd’s Top 10 Picks

Outdoor Retailer

My challenge: Choosing 10 items worthy of a closer look at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. So many outdoor companies have “stepped up their game” with new innovations or improvements this year, it was mind boggling to pick the… Read More →

What’s Cooking with Steven Nyman, Three-Time Olympian Ski Racer


It’s Sunday afternoon in late July and Steven Nyman, three-time Olympian ski racer, is holding court. In a few days he’ll be flying to New Zealand for a month of training as he kick-starts his 14th World Cup season. But… Read More →

What’s New At Ski Resorts For 2014-15?

PHOTO: Crystal Mountain Resort

While you’ve been mountain biking, enjoying the beach, or traveling this summer, your favorite ski area has been busy making improvements for the upcoming 2014-15 season. The summer is a critical time for construction projects that would either be too… Read More →

5 Ski Resort Beer Festivals Not to Miss


Skiers dig beer. So it’s no surprise that a number of beer festivals are held at ski resorts. Most in the summer and fall, but occasionally one pops up while there’s snow still on the ground. Personally I love the… Read More →

Six Of The World’s Best Sights In Skiing


The most important thing when going on a ski vacation is, of course, the skiing (or the boarding, if you’re that way inclined). Then there’s the weather, the snow, the scenery, the dining, the locals, the atmosphere, and the fun. … Read More →

Sage Kotsenburg: Athlete Profile & Q&A


Gold medals are always a big deal, but perhaps they have a bit more shine when they’re the first in the field. We caught up with Sage Kotsenburg, Olympic Slopestyle Gold Medalist in snowboarding, at Copper Mountain Resort where he… Read More →

How It Works: Snowmaking 101


Snowmaking is essential to keeping the slopes white and skiable during the winter months. It supplements natural snow, gets trails and terrain open more quickly in the early part of the season, and helps extend the season, on both the… Read More →

How to Build the Ultimate Shot Ski


Ah, the shot ski. This particular instrument of revelry (or torture, depending on your height) is possibly the second best use for a ski and an excellent way to immortalize those classic boards that you just can’t seem to part with…. Read More →