Ski Gear & Apparel Preview For 2014/15


In the dog days of summer, snow may still be a long way away (except in the Southern Hemisphere, of course), but new gear is just around the corner. Ski gear and apparel companies generally put new products in stores… Read More →

Where Did All The Ski Bums Go? 4 Ways Ski Bums Spend Summer

Ski bums

Heat waves heralding the start of summer melt the ski bums off the hill, giving a ghost town feel to the mountain towns they once overran. Their evaporation from the slopes and bars, laundromats and libraries (for free wifi, of… Read More →

Tune In, Chill Out: The Soundtrack to My Favorite Mountain Towns


Music goes with mountains like singing nuns go with surly widows. Like gin goes with tonic, beer with patios, and ice cream with sticky fingers. It’s a sweet, but simple, Summer equation when the days get long, the grass gets… Read More →

Liftopia Named One of San Francisco’s Most Bike-Friendly Businesses

by / July 11, 2014 / Cycle, Lifestyle, liftopia, Outdoors
Liftopia Bike-Friendly

May 2014 was National Bike Month, and an exciting one for us here at Liftopia! As the weather warmed up, more and more Liftopians started to commute to the office on bike and on some days, up to 75% of… Read More →

Ski Europe: How To Plan Your First Trip & What To Expect

There are many things in North America that are bigger, and in some ways better, than in Europe.  And while the debate can continue eternally over which continent offers a better skiing experience, some facts are indisputable: There are bigger… Read More →

Summer Events At Your Favorite Ski Destinations


After slipping into a mild, post-ski-season depression, I finally embraced Summer and pulled myself out of my funk. Ripping down my favorite ski runs on a mountain bike, sipping out of a jumbo mug filled with local brews at Oktoberfest,… Read More →

2013-14 Ski Industry Statistics & Trends

2013-14 Ski Industry Statistics & Trends

Even before the lifts stop spinning each year, resort managers tabulate ski industry statistics and numbers to document how the season went.  Some of the key figures that are closely tracked include: total visits, the number of season passes sold,… Read More →

Hydration Tips For Athletes: Why Drinking Water Alone Is Not Enough

Hydration Tips For Athletes

In the US, the weather is heating up. Most of the snow has already melted away and, as soon as we switch gears from Winter activities to Summer sports, we will all be sweating out of control. This is the… Read More →

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Ski Gear

Repurpose Ski Gear

There comes a time in every skier and snowboarder’s life where you have to say goodbye to the ones you love. Maybe it’s the 10 year-old Volant Machetes that lasted through the good times and are now relegated to late-season… Read More →

6 Tips For Planning Your Next Adventure Trip


Cold, wet, hungry, and in the middle of nowhere… I was happy for a plan. We’d just climbed out of a slot canyon in the Kingdom of Jordan. Luckily, beds and hot meals were waiting for us at Rummana Camp…. Read More →