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October 28th, 2010

Just a few days ago, Evan Reece from Liftopia shot me a quick email to let me know of their newly updated back end that gives ski resort marketers more insight and data than ever.

Here are the details and areas Evan filled me in on:

Section 1: Search volume vs. Sales

“This section allows resorts to see real time demand and sales on the Liftopia site for all dates in the future. By relating search volume to sales, resorts can understand whether or not they have opportunity in either yield or volume on specific days, and can make appropriate price changes accordingly.”

Section 2: Product Statistics

“This section helps resorts understand their aggregate demand capture within the region, as well as general information about their volume, revenue, advance purchase statistics, and then compare them to regional averages.”

Section 3: Redemption and Origination

“This section helps resorts understand what days of the week their sales are being driven in to, and includes a heatmap of the origination states of all of their customers. This gives them a better understanding of where their various products are resonating with customers nation wide.”

In aggregate, these features are the first instance ever of resorts getting an understanding of real time demand and production for advance purchase tickets/rentals/packages online. By using this data, they can constantly make revenue management decisions that help them balance volume vs. yield on a per day basis, pushing profitability by balancing advance purchase with on-mountain sales, weather conditions, etc.

An interesting note, did you know that Liftopia is the number one or two search result for all of the following Google queries plus a whole list more?

New York Lift Tickets
Vermont Lift Tickets
New Hampshire Lift Tickets
Wyoming Lift Tickets
Utah Lift Tickets
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Gets my SEO wheels turning, might have to do a post or two about that next week :)