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Main Street: App of the Week: Liftopia

December 19, 2011

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you’re planning to take a ski trip during the holidays or later in the winter, take two minutes to download this app before hitting the slopes.

Liftopia, a deals website that specializes in discounts on ski lift tickets, launched a free app for the iPhone last week which makes it even more convenient to find and redeem these deals on the go. The promotions can be for as much as 80% off, though most seem to fall in the range of 30%-50% below the normal price. But considering that ski lift tickets can cost $100 or more, that is no small amount.

Aside from ski lifts, you can also use the app to search for deals on equipment rentals and lessons both by state and resort. You can also view of a map of nearby resorts to plan out your trip and even find out the snow conditions in the area to determine the optimal time for skiing.

As with most deal apps, this one gives users the added advantage of not having to print out a receipt after purchasing the deal – you just show the voucher on your phone and you’ll be good to ski. That said, novice skiers should probably leave their phones in the lodge before hitting the slopes or else risk having to use the they money saved on the tickets to fix up the phone if they fall.

You can download the Liftopia app here.