Ten Ways Liftopia Increases Resort Revenue

To help shed some light on why more than 120 ski resorts across North America are now working with Liftopia.com, here are 10 ways Liftopia increases resort revenue.

1 Date-specific prices make the most of each day's value.
Different prices for different days ensure you are offering value on all days and not compromising yield on peak demand days. Individual resorts booked over $650,000 in net revenue in the '09-'10 season.
2 Automatic price adjustments encourage advance bookings.
Liftopia Automated Price Tiers allow prices to go up automatically as you sell through blocks of date-specific tickets.
3 Manufactured ticket scarcity increases urgency to purchase.
By setting limits on tickets available per day, you can generate urgency to purchase. Customers realize that a price today may not be available tomorrow and word of mouth spreads quickly to "buy now before it goes away."
4 Multiple products create high-yield customers.
By offering different products, you can segment customers and maximize your revenue by up-selling into higher yield purchases (ticket + rental, ticket + lunch, multi-day, etc.).
5 Focusing on advance bookings and low demand days maximizes incremental sales.
Since Liftopia allows you to control your prices and quantities on a per-day basis, you can remove sales channels that are primarily redeemed on peak days and that don't encourage people to buy in advance.
6 National marketing increases exposure for your resort.
Liftopia's central marketplace allows you to reach a broad, national, "resort agnostic" audience that wants to ski/ride more and wants to try new and different resorts. We have been covered by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek, among others.
7 Regional Deal Alerts spark new demand.
Tens of thousands of Liftopia customers have opted-in to receive Deal Alerts when new deals are loaded in their favorite areas. When you load your deals into Liftopia, your resort reaches these customers via our email alerts. Deals are also automatically promoted via our regional and national Twitter feeds.
8 Liftopia drives customers to your Central Reservations desk.
Liftopia allows you to lock in customers to your resort via non-refundable ticket sales and then push them to your central reservations. Communicate lodging offers directly to your Liftopia customers and book lodging directly instead of through channels with 25% commissions.
9 Guaranteed monthly payments lock in revenue and breakage.
Liftopia pays you every month, regardless of redemption. This means that you always get 100% of breakage, and will never be calling Liftopia in July for revenue collection. Tickets are non-refundable, which means your revenue is guaranteed regardless of weather, snow conditions or customer motivation.
10 Liftopia is committed to selling your products, not gas, groceries or memberships.
Liftopia makes money on selling tickets for you, which means you can ensure that your fenced discounts are only used to sell your products, not to sell memberships, groceries, advertising, gas or commissioned lodging.

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