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  • 8 Advanced
Located on the majestic San Francisco Peaks, the Arizona Snowbowl is just 7 miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, 2 hours from Phoenix, and 70 miles from the Grand Canyon. The resort opened in 1938 and is one of the oldest continually operated ski area in the country celebrating its 75th anniversary this winter.

Arizona Snowbowl features 40 trails, 6 lifts, ... terrain park, snowmaking on over 60% of the trails, on-mountain dining options and Ski Lift Lodge and Cabins. With a peak elevation of 11,500 feet and average 260 inches of snowfall, Arizona Snowbowl is a true gem of the Southwest ski scene.
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Arizona Snowbowl Amenities

  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
    Night skiing available.
  • Terrain Park Terrain Park
    Ski area offers at least one terrain park.
  • Half Pipe Half Pipe
    Ski area offers a half pipe.
  • Cat Skiing Cat Skiing
    Cat skiing is available at this resort; may entail an add'l cost
  • Grooming Grooming
    This resort grooms a portion of its slopes.
  • Snow Making Snow Making
    Ski area offers snow making for additional coverage.
  • Family Friendly Family Friendly
    This resort is known for providing a family friendly atmosphere.
  • Expert Favorite Expert Favorite
    This resort is known for its challenging terrain.
  • Daycare Available Daycare Available
    Guests have access to daycare services; an additional charge may apply.
  • Slopeside Dining Slopeside Dining
    Resort offers at least one restaurant on the slopes; hours may vary.
  • Slopeside Lodging Slopeside Lodging
    This resort has slopeside lodging available; it may or may not be ski in/ski out.
  • Tubing Tubing
    This resort offers tubing activities; additional charges may apply
  • Wi-Fi Access Wi-Fi Access
    This resort is equipped with internet access; additional charges may apply
  • Skiers Only Skiers Only
    This resort does not allow snowboarding.
  • Ropes Course/Aerial Park Ropes Course/Aerial Park
    Resort offers ropes course/aerial park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Alpine Slide / Coaster Alpine Slide / Coaster
    Resort has Alpine Slide, Alpine Coast or both. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Concerts / Festivals Concerts / Festivals
    Frequent host of concerts or festivals.
  • Event Space/Conference Center Event Space/Conference Center
    Resort has event space & conference center available.
  • Former Olympic Site Former Olympic Site
    Resort is a former Olympic site.
  • Gambling Gambling
    Resort has legal gambling services.
  • Golf Course Golf Course
    Resort has a golf course. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Gondola Rides Gondola Rides
    Resort offers gondola rides.
  • Hiking Hiking
    Resort offers hiking trails and services. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Ice Skating Ice Skating
    Resort offers ice skating activities.
  • Indoor Waterpark Indoor Waterpark
    Resort offers indoor waterpark.
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
    Resort offers mountain biking. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Outdoor Waterpark Outdoor Waterpark
    Resort offers outdoor water park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Segway Tours Segway Tours
    Resort offers segway tours. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
    Resort offers snowmobiling. Additional charges may apply.
  • Spa Spa
    Resort offers spa services. Additional charges may apply.
  • Zipline Zipline
    Resort offers zipline activities. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.

Arizona Snowbowl Operations


Plan to Open 11/11

Lifts Open/Total

0 of 6

Weekday Hours


Trails Open/Total

0 of 40

Weekend Hours


Arizona Snowbowl Snow Report & Ski Conditions

Base Elevation

9,200 ft

24-hr Snowfall


Vertical Drop

2,300 ft

Avg Base Depth


Peak Elevation

11,500 ft

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Pictures and Photos

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Arizona Snowbowl Reviews & Tips (33)

Skied April 1st. Advise: Don't do 12 non-stop runs, top to bottom, on your first time out for the season. It will make you sore!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Apr 03 2016 - 06:29 PM
Rob Intermediate Skier
Super great runs, go all the way up to the Upper Ridge... you get a heck of a ride down and the views are some acro, take a few selfies..but no need, everyone is super friendly and willing to take a pic of your and your buddies. this was my first trip up and it wont be the last!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 15 2016 - 03:28 PM
Belinda Intermediate Snowboarder
We skiied on the day after Christmas, normally a busy time, but due to cold windy weather, we had essentially no lines. The new Humphreys lift quad had the best snow, all blue runs and pretty glad skiing. My grandson (skiing for the second time) really progressed on these runs, and due to the small lines we were able to get several runs in before the closing of the lifts. The restaurant in the lodge was full when we went for lunch, and mid afternoon to warm up, about half the tables were occupied by non-skiiers, some of whom were playing cards while we had to eat standing up. In the past, we went to the other lodge which is usually less crowded. The crowd was probably inflated by not being able to sit outside due to the high winds and cold weather. Great day overall though.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 28 2015 - 03:23 PM
Hose Intermediate Skier
Went late in the season and while the snow was sparse in a few places there was enough where it really counted: the slopes! The intermediate slopes do seem a bit hard compared to intermediate slope elsewhere so be careful even if you've skied intermediate in other places. The lifts were a little slow but I had no trouble getting on or off of them. The day I went, mid-week near the end of the season, was perfect as far as crowds go; that is there were none. I never had to wait for more than two lifts to go by before I got on the lift and it wasn't uncommon to see a run without anyone on it. The staff were quite helpful and made suggestions for which routes to take based on skill level and while I didn't take a lesson the instructors I saw all day seemed skilled and nice. Would definitely go again especially if you can make it in the off season or in the middle of the week.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 20 2015 - 02:18 PM
Phillip Intermediate Skier
I am an intermediate snowboarder and beginner skier. Every time I go to Snowbowl, I'm reminded that they rate their runs all wrong. They label intermediate runs as beginner, and some more advanced runs as intermediate. Let's face it, if you can slide the tips of your skis up to the beginning of a run, but can't see the slope in front of you because it's so steep, this DOES NOT qualify as an intermediate run. Also, the offramps at the end of each lift force guests to stand up and immediately turn left or right. This is O.K. for skiers, but causes a regular pile up of snowboarders who haven't quite mastered one footed turns. Making the offramps a more gradual slope and extending the the runout area would greatly reduce these constant occurrences. I always feel so bad for fallen skiers/boarders who are being yelled at by the lift operator to get out of the way. Don't get me wrong. I really do like Snowbowl, but a few small improvements would go a long way.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 16 2015 - 08:38 PM
Jeff Intermediate Snowboarder
The man made snow is working awesome! This place normally wouldn't even be open right now but the conditions were suprisingly good. Some of the runs are too sparse to ski but there is still plenty of terrain for a great day trip! Plus, most people are mistakenly staying away so there is absolutely no wait.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 22 2015 - 04:44 PM
Mike Advanced Skier
My wife and I visited snowbowl on consecutive weekdays - Thursday and Friday before Presidents' Day weekend. It was not crowded at all on the mountain and we were able to get off the mountain and I to town quite easily. When on the mountain, settle in for relatively slow ski lifts. This resort has a very family feel to it, a quality which I found endearing and relaxing. There are many beginner skiers on the mountain developing their craft. If you are a Type A advanced skier, this may not be the place for you. Also, the conditions were variable from nicely groomed to slushy to patchy with dirt and rocks. Imo this is all to be expected in a climate as fair as northern Arizona's. The weather was beautiful both days. Enjoy!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 16 2015 - 08:45 AM
Steve Intermediate Skier
Snow making is in dire need at this place. I recently skied there 1-26-2015 and was very disappointed in the snow coverage all around. I ski all over the country and rarely see such sparse conditions like this. Many advanced runs had very icey and thin snow coverage which were very dangerous all the way down the trail. The Snow Bowl is a great ski resort in design and scenery with a very friendly staff which is essential in customers returning. Please consider better snow making technologies.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 08 2015 - 02:31 PM
Eric Mahoney Advanced Skier
Stay away from Dave the middle aged lift attendant. He will ruin your $80 day.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 05 2015 - 04:11 PM
Jess Intermediate Snowboarder
Arrive early and leave early! The skiing was great, snow was awesome with the exception of the top being closed...that was a real bummer. The crappy part? Not being able to park when arriving just after 9am and then taking 3 hours to get 7 miles back into town. Flagstaff has a really bad traffic problem. The first day we were at Snowbowl we had long lines on the lifts and only got in 4 runs which was disappointing to say the least. The next day we got there as early as possible got in more runs but had to leave early in order to get down that mountain and back to the hotel at a reasonable time.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 05 2015 - 03:11 PM
Jeff Advanced Skier
A fellow skier told me of "Liftopia" and save $$$ for my family! Keep it up with new place to explore :-) Thank you!!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 18 2014 - 09:56 PM
Emma Beginner Skier
Getting too warm to ski all day anymore. Bumpy packed ice in the morning and slushy after lunch. Gives you a reason to get to the breweries earlier though.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 17 2014 - 03:36 PM
jake Advanced Skier
I have been to snowbowl 4 times this season and loved it every time. I have rode east coast hills and washington mountains this is in between and I rate it high! Yes I wish they had a high speed lift but you can't expect everything from a small resort. The park is great has all different levels of features. The back country is tight but is great! I have only been here on week day and never once had a line. I WILL be back this year and will be getting a season pass next season. This place has something to offer for everyone.. IF YOU DON'T HAVE 4X4 CHECK THE REPORT FOR THE ROAD UP SINCE IT CAN GET SKETCHY WHEN ITS SNOWING OR HAD A STORM THE DAY OR TWO BEFORE GOING. .. RIDE ON
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 12 2014 - 07:54 PM
Brad Advanced Snowboarder
Had a wonderful day of skiing with a few inches of fresh snow. I hadn't been to Snowbowl in a year or so, was so impressed by the staff. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful, from picking up rental equipment to opening my car door when I was ready to leave. Very impressed, very nice people.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 09 2014 - 03:57 PM
Sandy Intermediate Skier
Probably the best beginner area anyplace including Colorado and California. Lots of lifts and a very wide open areas for the "greens". Weather is usually warm and sunny and the runs well taken care of even in warm weather. The resort works very hard to keep that area good. My grandkids love it!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 20 2014 - 03:04 PM
Carl Advanced Skier
I went to Snowbowl for the first time Jan 3-5, 2014 with my dad and boyfriend. My dad and I have skiied many times before (Alta, Deer Valley, Kirkwood, Heavenly) and my boyfriend was a first timer. My dad and I took lessons to brush up after not skiing for a few years, and the intructors were really good. They took you through helpful drills and gave constructive feedback. If you weren't at the same level as the rest of your group, they would split you off to give you further intsruction and help you catch up. My boyfriend was able to go from not knowing how to put on skis to starting on blues in the 3 days- I was really impressed. The snow was sub-par. When we were there, it got around 40 during the day, causing it to melt a bit and then freeze back up at night, making for pretty icy conditions along the Agassiz lift. The snowmaking helped a ton on the groomed runs, but it was still pretty icy overall (the shaded areas had some decent snow along the Sunset lift). The lift lines were pretty short when I was there, but the lifts themselves were extremely slow. During my visit, the last day was pretty windy so there were hardly any lines, but it still took a good 5-8 minutes to get to the top of Sunset and 15 to get to the top of the Hart Prarie lift (Agassiz was closed the last day due to wind). As far as rentals go, get there on time and you don't have to worry about waiting forever. The rental shop opens at 8 and then the lifts at 9. If you get there when the shop opens, there is no line. We got there at 8 all 3 days and didn't have to wait at all- in and out in 10 minutes tops. Plus, if you have your gear ready to go around 8:30--8:45 the lifts tend to open a bit early and you can get a few runs in before the people who showed up at 9 and are still waiting for gear. My biggest complaint was all of the punk snowboarders from the valley. There were many times I had to tell them to move because they were all sitting at the top of the run, blocking it off completely. They would just sit along the runs- I went down Southern Belle 2 or 3 times before two teenage girls decided to get back up. It was really annoying to have to constantly change my course because a snowboarder was sitting in my way (I don't know how common this is at other parks, it just really stood out to me on this trip). For my purposes, the Snowbowl was perfect. I needed a nearby, affordable weekend trip to get back into skiing before some bigger trips later in the season (Tahoe and Oregon). The runs were easy enough to work on technique, but not snooze-worthy. It gave my boyfriend a chance to learn and slowly work his way up to harder runs, and the instructors were great. It would have been nice if the snow was a bit better and the lifts were faster, but for a fun weekend trip I can't complain.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 14 2014 - 01:32 AM
Jackie Intermediate Skier
If your a beginner and don't go on the lifts you DONT need to waste your money on the lift tickets you can ski the small hills and use the magic carpet to get back up. NEVER rent your equipment from the ski lodge, we always rent from somewhere in town because 1. its less expensive 2. you can get your equipment the day before 3. you don't wait in line and waste precious ski/board time. The lines are SOOOO LONG for the lifts and they are SLOW. Not sure I'll go back to Snowbowl however we did have fun! I did over hear a few of the instructors and they seemed really good compared to ones I've heard before or have taken lessons from.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 06 2014 - 09:21 AM
Tammy Beginner Skier
We arrived at 9:00am, waited forever in the rental line and started skiing around 11:45am. When we finally did start skiing, the lines were very long. We stayed until 4:00pm, but did not actually ski that much due to the wait in the rental line and due to the very long lines at the lifts. I recommend not going there during the holiday weeks. I felt like I spent a lot of money and the few times I was able to ski was not worth it. Very much a waste of money.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 01 2014 - 07:03 PM
Steve Intermediate Skier
Great deal on lift tickets for Xmas day with Liftopia. I skied two days. Early season conditions with some obstacles on some trails. Great service, friendly people and it wasn't very crowded. Upper Ridge/blackjack is a nice run. Can't wait for a pow day. Stay away from the new area, Route 66/Humbolt runs. Pretty bare with lots of obstacles. Will be back here tho I have a season pass for Sunrise.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 28 2013 - 09:58 AM
Decio H Advanced Skier
My first time...better than expected. Liftopia was not a problem though it would be great if you could print your own some how.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 23 2013 - 04:32 PM
Scott Intermediate Skier
Had a blast! Took the kids in late spring and everyone at Snowbowl was friendly and it felt like many of the smaller family resorts in the west. Keep up the great work. The liftopia deal was frosting on the cake we had just decided to pack the skis three days before going to Arizona. We will be back again for more Snowbowl spring break skiing.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Apr 24 2013 - 02:27 PM
Erik Advanced Snowboarder
When you purchase a liftopia ticket you need to go to guest services to get your ski pass. I stood in line for tickets and then when i got to the front of the line they had me go to guest services (another line).
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 18 2013 - 03:38 PM
Marsha Intermediate Skier
We had a great weekend of skiing at Snow Bowl. Great weather and plenty of snow. No wait in lines due to NAU being on break ,and people in the Valley thinking it was too warm to ski. Making snow this year was a big asset. No bare spots or pools of water at the bottom of the slope. I think the future looks bight for Snow Bowl.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 18 2013 - 02:27 PM
John B. Intermediate Skier
Nice, small and friendly place with some other great programs. Mid-week for school kids for $25.00 ticket-ski rental-2 hr. lesson, Boomer Thursdays for $35.00 over 50 yrs. of age, family Fridays 2-6 PM for $10.00 - cheapest anywhere. True, their chairs are slow, but the friendliness of staff and beautiful scenery make up for that. Go midweek, you will have a great time.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Mar 02 2013 - 06:36 AM
Stan Donda Advanced Skier
I agree with the slow lifts, but the snow is great this year and the staff very helpful. The new runs they put in are very nice. Snow making a great improvement. I only ski mid - week because weekend suck up there too many people. ANyway try the Snow Bowl mid week you will love it!!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Feb 16 2013 - 11:41 AM
Mr. Prescott Advanced Skier
Went with 3 other ski buds and my snowboarding daughter on Jan 15- everything went really smooth- The weather was a tad chilly and windy to begin with so the top (Aggazzi) had to close -the rest of the slopes were a might icied until the afternoon- sun added a lovely skiing day!!! It was awesome, packed powder- the lines were minimal and it all was a very fun and sucessful day! Thanks Liftopia for the discounts!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 21 2013 - 09:47 AM
Madi Intermediate Skier
A ski rsort that could be very nice, if it werent for the old, slow lifts. I get the feeling that this plae operates with as little money as possible. I went this past week, Jan 15 and the Agaissaz lift was closed due to "wind". However, as the week progressed, I received texts that the lift was down for a problem or maintenance. Without that lift operating, your options are extremely limited. If this place repalced two or three of their lifts with high speed quads, it would be 100% better and worth the price.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 19 2013 - 01:05 PM
John Advanced Skier
I went skiing on Monday January 7, 2013 specifically to avoid the crowds. The rental process went smoothly and I was mostly pleased with the quality of the snow on the main slopes coming down from Midway, I encountered several rocky patches that resulted in high speed falls and was disappointed they weren't identified like others that had red cones. The mountain was a joy to experience in the winter. Weekdays are best. I'd say I saw more snow boarders than skiers, and they do shave the snow right off the mountain, but I actually preferred skiing with them as the show was more powdery than other areas they avoided. Finally, note that the hours lifted on Liftopia are STILL incorrect. The rental shop opens at 8 and the lifts run from 9 through 4. I got there at 9 and it took me about 45 minutes to get rentals and suit up for the day., thus missing out on the freshly groomed slopes that are usually the best of the day,
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 11 2013 - 08:17 AM
Geo Intermediate Skier
We skiied Arizona Snowbowl on Jan. 2, 2013. It was our first time skiing in Arizona and we really enjoyed it. I'm a cautious skiier, so I enjoyed the wide slopes. Lift lines were busy, but ran well. My only complaint is about the rental pick-up. It took forever! I realize we were there during holiday week and the staff was working fast and furiously, but we were in line for at least 45 minutes to get our gear. Return was also a long wait.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Jan 05 2013 - 01:56 PM
Heidi M Intermediate Skier
If you want vertical in AZ, this is the place! Great tree and OB runs. You will need a permit for OB runs. You won't get this vertical at Sunrise. Even better now with snowmaking!
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 21 2012 - 08:39 AM
Chip Advanced Skier
I love the San Francisco Peaks. It's so beautiful. That's why I'm not going back to Snow Bowl until they agree not to use reclaimed water to make snow.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 20 2012 - 05:27 PM
Emma Beginner Skier
Terrain park is bonot much challenge anywhere else. Sorta like one big bunny slope. Lots of unexpected ice. Better off at Sunrise.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 13 2012 - 10:43 AM
Robert Paulson Advanced Snowboarder
Keeps getting better every year! The terrain park is slowly improving. Hint: they take out the 'dangerous' features on the weekends so valley gapers don't hurt themselves.
Arizona Snowbowl review written Dec 11 2012 - 10:39 PM
Bob Advanced Snowboarder

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