Jay Peak

4850 VT Route 242, Jay , VT (Driving Directions to Jay Peak)
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Jay Peak Ski Report, Mountain Conditions and Resort Statistics

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  • 31 Advanced
If you've been to Jay Peak, you know what pulls you. The most snow in eastern North America and the most liberal in-bounds policy anywhere.

If you haven't been here, though - well, read on.
Located in Northern Vermont only a few miles from the Canadian border, Jay Peak has a different perspective on the sport. Up here, ... the mountain reigns supreme and our unparalleled gladed terrain and abutting backcountry attracts some of the best skiers and riders around. We make big-mountain skiing and riding affordable for all through a number of discount and value-added programs. Our lodging is virtually all ski-in/ski-out, we open early, and are always one of the last in the East to close.

Lots of resorts treat skiing and riding like an amenity. At Jay Peak it's both bread and butter. Sure, we have great lodging, a golf course and some interesting development on the way, but it's all a distant second behind skiing and riding.

We have 76 trails, slopes and glades for you to explore and that's just what you'll find on the map. In between, the nooks and crannies, are really what sets Jay Peak apart. Have fun exploring and find something that moves you.

And if the most snow and best gladed terrain in eastern North America isn't enough to entice you to make Jay Peak your home mountain, you'll also have access to, literally, millions of dollars worth of on-mountain and service related improvements including a significantly improved snowmaking system which should get you on snow sooner and keep you out later into the spring.
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Jay Peak Amenities

  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
    Night skiing available.
  • Terrain Park Terrain Park
    Ski area offers at least one terrain park.
  • Half Pipe Half Pipe
    Ski area offers a half pipe.
  • Cat Skiing Cat Skiing
    Cat skiing is available at this resort; may entail an add'l cost
  • Grooming Grooming
    This resort grooms a portion of its slopes.
  • Snow Making Snow Making
    Ski area offers snow making for additional coverage.
  • Family Friendly Family Friendly
    This resort is known for providing a family friendly atmosphere.
  • Expert Favorite Expert Favorite
    This resort is known for its challenging terrain.
  • Daycare Available Daycare Available
    Guests have access to daycare services; an additional charge may apply.
  • Slopeside Dining Slopeside Dining
    Resort offers at least one restaurant on the slopes; hours may vary.
  • Slopeside Lodging Slopeside Lodging
    This resort has slopeside lodging available; it may or may not be ski in/ski out.
  • Tubing Tubing
    This resort offers tubing activities; additional charges may apply
  • Wi-Fi Access Wi-Fi Access
    This resort is equipped with internet access; additional charges may apply
  • Skiers Only Skiers Only
    This resort does not allow snowboarding.
  • Ropes Course/Aerial Park Ropes Course/Aerial Park
    Resort offers ropes course/aerial park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Alpine Slide / Coaster Alpine Slide / Coaster
    Resort has Alpine Slide, Alpine Coast or both. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Concerts / Festivals Concerts / Festivals
    Frequent host of concerts or festivals.
  • Event Space/Conference Center Event Space/Conference Center
    Resort has event space & conference center available.
  • Former Olympic Site Former Olympic Site
    Resort is a former Olympic site.
  • Gambling Gambling
    Resort has legal gambling services.
  • Golf Course Golf Course
    Resort has a golf course. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Gondola Rides Gondola Rides
    Resort offers gondola rides.
  • Hiking Hiking
    Resort offers hiking trails and services. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Ice Skating Ice Skating
    Resort offers ice skating activities.
  • Indoor Waterpark Indoor Waterpark
    Resort offers indoor waterpark.
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
    Resort offers mountain biking. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Outdoor Waterpark Outdoor Waterpark
    Resort offers outdoor water park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Segway Tours Segway Tours
    Resort offers segway tours. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
    Resort offers snowmobiling. Additional charges may apply.
  • Spa Spa
    Resort offers spa services. Additional charges may apply.
  • Zipline Zipline
    Resort offers zipline activities. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.

Jay Peak Operations


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Jay Peak Snow Report & Ski Conditions

Base Elevation

1,815 ft

24-hr Snowfall


Vertical Drop

2,153 ft

Avg Base Depth


Peak Elevation

3,968 ft

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Jay Peak Reviews & Tips (85)

March 19th -21st. Stayed offsite at local B&B which was great. Resort prices to rich for my blood and the deals weren't great for ski &stay. Skiing was decent given the EL Nino year we are having. You just had to pick and choose your spots. For all the icy condition complainers, do us all a favor and stop skiing. Icy conditions are part of the East skiing and especially during a bad season and at the end of the season with warm up and freeze overnight occurring. Overall, they still had plenty of snow and terrain. It would have been nice if they still blew snow as it was cold enough. However, with a bad year and fiscal restraint needed. I get it. If you want snow blowing in late March and April then go to Killington or Stowe. Jay Peak didn't disappoint even on a bad year. Pray for the big snow!
Jay Peak review written Mar 24 2016 - 11:48 AM
Tom Kougar Advanced Skier
AS ALWAYS, Jay doesn't disappoint. Wild weather week but the only snow in the state it seems. The wind and weather made the last day tough but blowing all the snow in the woods made them very fun. This has been one of the worst winters for the ski season in years and Jay was still ok to good. On a normal winter Jay is excellent to outstanding.
Jay Peak review written Feb 27 2016 - 07:12 PM
Mike Advanced Skier
Don't underestimate the amount of snow that can blow into the woods, it surprised me! And, aside from the obvious beauty of riding the tram, if you're not interested in the face chutes, its kind of a waste. Some great tree shots can be accessed front the green mountain, jet or bonnie! Finally, the actual bar in the Tower bar is filled with cool memorabilia.
Jay Peak review written Feb 25 2016 - 09:07 AM
Rick Advanced Skier
Use the Stateside lodge if you're day-tripping or staying somewhere off-campus. Parking is easier, it's less crowded, and they have cubbies for stuff.
Jay Peak review written Jan 26 2016 - 07:23 AM
Hal Advanced Skier
Just a note, you do not need to pick up your lift pass at Tram side even thought the printout says it. It is a lot less crowded at Stateside.
Jay Peak review written Jan 19 2016 - 07:26 AM
CJ Intermediate Snowboarder
This was my second trip to Jay and I knew it wouldn't disappoint on the slopes, however this was my first time staying the weekend at the Stateside Hotel. The service all around was terrible. The people who work at many of the amenities on this resort are rude and took a long time to even acknowledge that you were waiting for food or a drink. They are not friendly and could care less about you as a customer. Maybe it is because of the monopoly they have going on in the area. The conditions were excellent and the trails were well marked. The ticket technology they have is also a plus. It really is a shame that their customer service doesn't match their landscape.
Jay Peak review written Jan 11 2016 - 02:32 PM
Jacklyn Advanced Snowboarder
Best SKI Resort...we enjoyed our stay at Jay Peak! Worth the drive from Jersey!
Jay Peak review written Jan 04 2016 - 08:55 AM
Shay Intermediate Skier
Such an amazing spring trip. I went to Jay on April 26th, my new record in late season skiing. The snow was still amazing, though roots and stumps were showing in some glades (didn't stop me from staying in the trees ALL DAY). Considered Big Jay and other backcountry but decided the mountain was enough. We didn't want to push our luck. After skiing me and friends went to the Big Jay Tavern where we met some absolutely amazing staff and ate some delicious food. Definitely worth checking out.
Jay Peak review written Apr 29 2015 - 07:20 AM
Andrew Advanced Snowboarder
My family and i just got back from Jay's Peak and we cant wait to go back! The staff was so nice and friendly, the stateside magic carpet was incredible, the lift staff was so helpful to us and we loved the waterpark, arcade, food, our room! We would recommend to anyone and everyone who wants a great family vacation!
Jay Peak review written Apr 27 2015 - 07:42 PM
Jenn Fallon Beginner Skier
Jay is probably the most underrated resort in the East. I would definitely go again. The RFID lift pass system is very functional and makes it easy to get on the lifts. The most impressive feature is the large tram, which is something you rarely see outside the Alps and a few places in western North America. I experienced some great spring skiing conditions when I was there on April 14th and 15th, 2015. The deli sandwiches in the bottom of the Tram Haus are a terrific value. You can get a nice footlong packed with Boar's Head brand lunchmeat for under $10.
Jay Peak review written Apr 21 2015 - 09:27 PM
Adam F Advanced Skier
Went on Sun April 12th for the first time; Has a big mountain feel and incredible views that day with blue skies and warm temps in the upper 50's. Just a mix of variable conditions being so warm. The Jet lift had the best black diamond runs that day! It was a fun day!
Jay Peak review written Apr 14 2015 - 02:47 PM
Neal Intermediate Skier
Jay lives up to the hype. On april 4th, at the top of the mountain is was a legitimate powder day. Totally worth the drive up from Boston. The apre vibe there was terrific.
Jay Peak review written Apr 07 2015 - 07:49 PM
Griffin Advanced Skier
great mountain, but leanred the hard way this past trip that they are terrible at grooming, and also surprised that they reported packed powder for what was hard ice under a very very scant primary that was skied off in no time. My last complaint is that every challenging run was left to deep pocketed moguls, nothing relativly steep that was also relativly flat for some good cruising, not what I look for but my skl partners do, I would never bring them up there just to ski the two wrap arounds that have some groom to them. that said, if mother nature is providing soft condish by way of powder or hi temp, i would have no problem going back.
Jay Peak review written Apr 06 2015 - 02:30 PM
Bob Advanced Skier
We went the previous weekend. It rained the previous night and then snowed 3-6 inches on Saturday, and snowed a couple of more inches on Sunday. With all the wind, the whole mountain was a block of ice on Saturday! Just terrible conditions to ride in. Sunday was more pleasant with the extra powder on top, though still bad at places where the powder was skied off with just the ice underneath. The terrain is, however, really good! No liftlines at all. Slow lifts for the beginner runs though. We could see the potential on Sunday - This would be a great place with groomed trails or with powder. But, if you are a beginner, stay away if there's a chance it may be icy. The winds are sure to blow all the snow away!
Jay Peak review written Apr 06 2015 - 02:10 PM
RK Beginner Snowboarder
Wonderful Mountain - the snow was great - the trails were great - the view was great - the tram was great - the RFID system was great! Love the RFID system which replaced the common lift ticket. I drove 8 hours round trip just to get a few hours of skiing in at Jay Peak. The mountain is located in a very rural area - roads are small with lots of hills and turns. It is best to drive to this mountain in full daylight - don't even consider it in a snowstorm. GPS on my iphone got me there with no problems. Loved the Tram! This was my first ride on a tram and it made me feel like I was in the Alps! Spring rates are a steal - spring lodging is a steal. Take a few days off and go have some fun!
Jay Peak review written Apr 03 2015 - 02:42 PM
Dave Fobare Intermediate Skier
Started skiing Jay during the 13/14 season based on a friend's recommendation that it's the closest thing to west you can find in the east (he was specifically talking about Jackson Hole). I was suspicious even after a few days out but I just hit it again during the 14/15 season and am now convinced he was right. Definitely seek out the shoots off the Tram (Green Beret and Valhalla). Timbuktu on the skier's right boundary is another good find along with Beaver Pond and Andre's Paradise on the exact opposite boundary. They keep freshies days after even a modest dump of 3-6". Just know there's a long run out to get down to the lift....I'd love for them to put in another lift that serviced that area vs. coming all the way back down to the base. That said I'd go back in a heart beat as I just spent 3 days there and didn't come close to getting bored.
Jay Peak review written Mar 30 2015 - 02:24 PM
Mike Advanced Skier
The trails are big, wide, and long, the tree runs are also awesome, the conditions were perfect. cold sunny and no wind. perfect combo. I've skied many of different mountians. This was the best thus far in the north east. my only tip would be, dress warm and have a blast.
Jay Peak review written Mar 02 2015 - 02:53 PM
Charles Advanced Skier
We went to Jay to ski the glades and we were not disappointed. The mountain is possibly the best terrain in the east. The face chutes and tuckermans chute are no joke. Slightly disappointed in the lifts - we experienced frequent stoppage and in negative temps it's not so welcomed. The tram is pretty much useless unless you want to ski the face chutes, we stuck to the chairlifts for the most part. The condo we stayed was accommodating and the staff were polite. The shuttle system was adequate and always available. The amenities on the property could use some work. Trying to navigate through the tunnels at the main tram area proved daunting at first. It's like a maze. The hot tub at the Stateside was less than inviting and a disappointment. We didn't visit the water park somI can't comment on that, nor did we stay in either hotel but the lobby of hotel jay was fairly upscale. We only ate at one cafeteria which was in the stateside- the food was average as cafeterias are but hot and fresh. All in all, we would return to ski the mountain again! If anyone from jay is reading this, spend your next round of money on another high speed quad!!
Jay Peak review written Mar 01 2015 - 03:29 PM
ken Advanced Skier
Went to Jay Peak during coldest weather in recent New England history - it was -14 driving up to mountain one morning - not counting wind chill! Had tix for Monday, 2/16, and they closed entire mountain due to wind. Jay honored our Liftopia Tix and gave us a snow check. I was very happy, since my Liftopia tix were "non-refundable/exchangeable" Spent the day in waterpark and then skied next two days. Staff at Jay is great! Moutain is awesome. Loved the Liftopia discounts!!!
Jay Peak review written Feb 19 2015 - 07:11 AM
John Advanced Skier
On the 6th of february, the weather was minus 32 Celsius..... So you can guess, I didnt drove to Jay Peak . I lost my prepaid ticket..... I think that the weather forecast is'nt always compatible with the realty.
Jay Peak review written Feb 10 2015 - 01:55 PM
Chantal Advanced Skier
Amazing weekend of powder! Highly recommended for glade enthusiasts: Northwest Passage, Everglade, Canyonland, Show-off Glade
Jay Peak review written Feb 09 2015 - 02:19 PM
Jacob Advanced Skier
Was there the weekend of Jan 31-Feb1 2015. Really cold. Highs in the 0's. First day there was some wind as well though it was clear and sunny all day both days. They shutdown the high-speed quad and the tram for the whole day. I understand the safety concerns, but this meant that everyone converged upon the REALLY slow old lifts. Even one of the old quads was not working properly because of the cold. Resulted in long lines on one of the coldest days. Surprisingly even the trail condition was not that good. Some of the groomers had long patches of near bullet proof surface where the wind had sand blasted the surface clean. 2nd day was just as cold but they opened the upper lifts. No lines, but it was also SuperBowl Sunday. Conditions were a bit better on the terrain that had not been skied, but still just okay. Top of this mountain has some steep runs, but there is a ton of runout at the bottom which on a cold day will make you VERY cold!
Jay Peak review written Feb 07 2015 - 11:02 AM
Greg Hiller Advanced Skier
Be prepared for a long wait for the tram and there is only one other high speed quad chair lift on the whole mountain! That quad goes down frequently due to high winds. The remaining lifts are 2 other quads. One goes only a quarter of the way up, the other quad goes 3/4 of the way up and is very slow. There is a triple chair that is very slow and a double chair that only has beginner runs. There is no real town to speak of but all you need is at the mountain. The water park and food are very good. The weekends are crazy busy. If the mountain updated their lifts on the mountain, I would go back. The weather is crazy cold too. It was minus 9 degrees with 20 mph winds this Saturday. Not fun. The glade skiing is very good when there is enough snow.
Jay Peak review written Jan 31 2015 - 06:34 PM
Michael Advanced Skier
You can pick up liftopia passes at the Stateside lodge too. On our passes it just said that you could do it at Tramside.
Jay Peak review written Jan 22 2015 - 07:12 AM
Jeroen Advanced Skier
Friendly small resort with some steeper runs over at Stateside. Also challenging terrain in the trees and off the top of the tram. The staff were all friendly. Easy to obtain lift ticket at customer services. Best of all there was free beer and snack at the Monday welcome meeting!
Jay Peak review written Jan 16 2015 - 07:41 AM
Steve Advanced Snowboarder
The trip late December reminded me of skiing at Whiteface - cold and icy. The hill was nice with a huge variety of runs for skiers. Good thing we didn't have anyone on a board as there either was not enough snow to put the features out or they cater to skiers. Liked the option to take the Tram to the top when it was cold but seemed like the line was a deterrent for that - a bit of a wait is never well liked. If there was more snow, would have been a great day! Good food with options for dining inside. Great little market at the hill too! Seemed like a good place to bring the kids for a 2 day ski trip with a hotel and waterpark at the hill.
Jay Peak review written Jan 05 2015 - 02:48 PM
Alan Zucker Advanced Skier
A group of us came on Friday Jan. 2 from Canada to ski. I was really looking forward to it but ended up disappointed. It was really cold, windy and most of the runs were really icy, so it wasn't much fun. The tram kept shutting down due to wind so we never made it on and the lifts were too slow and disorganized, so we wasted a lot of time. This hill might be better if the conditions are good, but I wouldn't come back unless I knew they had fresh snow but even then, I'd probably still choose somewhere else first.
Jay Peak review written Jan 05 2015 - 08:50 AM
Sarah P Advanced Skier
Jay does NOT run the chairlifts mid-week, except holidays. I have asked specifically since only the tram and the JET quad were running (aside from another dinky once) when I was there last Thursday. They said it doesn't justify the operating costs if there aren't that many skiers and if you can reach all the advanced-intermediate terrain by means of those two alone. Bummer, you end up waiting 20 mins for the tram since a line forms, so you can barely get two runs in in an hour if you decide to use just the tram!
Jay Peak review written Dec 22 2014 - 06:32 AM
Laura Advanced Skier
Best glades of the east by far and I got half a foot of freshies during my stay! I got my liftopia tix very fast at the customer service office at the tram area. The first day the Tram was open all day (lucky me) but most (or all) of the mid mountain lift closed. Second day Tram closed until 11am due to "high wind" conditions (I am sure was B.S.) So I started at the jet 3ple chair and did some good glades and runs there until the tram was open. Looks like the norm of the mountain is: Tram closed, high winds, lift closed, no sun, poor visibility so I got all of them. Luckily on my second day I met a local and took me to some hidden glades runs with untracked fresh pow and i felt I was in blue ski basin for the whole morning. The resort needs good management and looks like is going to fail, hopefully not.
Jay Peak review written Dec 20 2014 - 07:24 AM
Jose Advanced Snowboarder
NICE...But ....WINDY & FOGGY ..... 12/15/2014
Jay Peak review written Dec 19 2014 - 06:12 PM
JF Intermediate Skier
Jay is a great place to ski, but the resort atmosphere certainly leaves alot to be desired. After a long day of skiing I always head down to the Jay Village Inn, 3 miles from the resort. Best food, drink, and people around!
Jay Peak review written Dec 17 2014 - 07:24 AM
David Advanced Snowboarder
i've been going to Jay Peak since 2003 & have seen its best & worst. This place gets lots of natural snow, but you may not be able to get to it. Read: lots of wind delays & can be rediculously cold! If your fortunate to catch it after a dump, by far the best & deepest tree runs I've riden in the east. There's tree runs all over the mountain and hold snow for days after a storm. All the new additions have brought the crowds, however, but the waterpark is great for apres, especially if you travel w/ kids. It's worth the long trip, 7hrs from L.I. & prices have increased dramatically, but worth it when the Jay Cloud turns on.
Jay Peak review written Nov 24 2014 - 11:05 PM
Edward C Advanced Snowboarder
Fiddlehead is on tap for 5.50...not too shabby.
Jay Peak review written Mar 10 2014 - 04:17 PM
Charlie Beginner Skier
Visited on 2/18. Hard to detail much about my trip since most of the lifts were closed due to wind. And of course the only ones open were old and slow. Didn't know conditions until you got to mountain as it was fine down by Stowe and even then the TVs were not accurate about the lifts (said 6 of 9 were open). Were stuck with Liftopia tickets so would not recommend using this for Jay if your schedule is not flexible. Would like to go back sometime and see what all the hype is about.
Jay Peak review written Feb 22 2014 - 09:05 AM
Armand Intermediate Skier
Jay skiing terrain is great . Glades and steeps are great. However, can't get to a lot of the terrain due to wind holds restricting to beginner chairs or jet chair. The bigger challenge at Jay is the operations and the staff training. Lots of apologies from the staff because they can't make your life easier due to terrible systems or just because they are poorly trained. Getting tickets issued every morning was a long process; 10 minutes per transaction and only 2 agents selling tickets; brutal! The you have people coming I and getting upset because their online reloads failed and now they have to stand in line as well. Shame the staff, the operations, and the management are so poor. Even though the skiing is great for an expert skier, not sure I would come back because of these headaches that cost time. So many other places I can go to have a great time.....and have no headaches.
Jay Peak review written Feb 21 2014 - 09:45 PM
Joe Advanced Skier
Jay is without debate some of the best skiing on the East Coast and it's great for a cross-section of levels including both skiers and snowboarders. The only downside to Jay is that it's resort is still working out the kinks after their growth spurt, which leaves lots of room for improvement. Every request just a little out of the ordinary was met with a response that relied on "that's just our policy" and while that's generally ok, it can't be the norm. Not if you want people to return. Given that we spent $2,000 on one weekend, I will choose to fly out West next time if Jay doesn't shape up on their customer service. Just my two cents.
Jay Peak review written Feb 04 2014 - 04:02 PM
GREAT mountain... customer service has room to imp Intermediate Skier
Best terrain on the east coast PERIOD!
Jay Peak review written Jan 25 2014 - 07:22 AM
Bill Richards Advanced Snowboarder
Went sat 12/28 and it was clouds and fog on the whole top of MT. the shut down some lifts too because of the wind. I guess bad winds and fog is the norm up there. However sun 12/29 it was clear and could see all the way to the peak. Did some glads and had a great time. Checking the weather on the Jay peak site or online is a no go, you have to find out from someone on the mt. and stay more then one day.
Jay Peak review written Jan 02 2014 - 11:27 AM
big snow Advanced Snowboarder
I had the great opportunity to ski at jay with my sons on the 16th. The ski conditions were the best I have been on in a couple of years. The lines were full at all lifts( to be expected)and the wait time was minimal. Jay does a great job getting their skiers on the lift. Every trail we skied was AWESOME! We had a great day weather wise as well. For anyone who has experienced jay, they will appreciate that even the "Freezer"(flyer) lift was bareable.Jay does an excellent job inb all aspects of skiing and boarding. I truly believe that Jay Peak will be the NEW EAST COAST SKI DESTINATION. When the president of the company bothers to ask "how are you doing today" on your way in, you know that this is the place to ski. trails were excellent, service was great, and hell this is the first time I've parked in a garage to go skiing. The day was a 10 all the way around. You've got to ski it to believe it!
Jay Peak review written Feb 25 2013 - 02:42 PM
Shawn Intermediate Skier
Went there 24hrs after a storm dumped 27" of fluffy powder! Epic. So many times they get dumped on when the area forecast says little expected. Learn how to analyze the local forecasts, Jay Peak often has a snow cloud over it when everywhere else is getting a "dusting"
Jay Peak review written Feb 24 2013 - 03:17 PM
SW Intermediate Skier
Spent two days there, Feb 19-20, 2013. All lifts were running on 2-19. An awesome groomer day. Snowed about a foot on 2-20, but upper mountain lifts were closed due to wind. Check out Stateside on a powder day. For some reason, most people want to lap the tram or the Flyer quad, so the Jet Triple is uncrowded, and the trees over there are fantastic. Also, the wind isn't as bad, so the snow over there are usually deeper than the rest of the mountain. Lifts are fine, but the Tram is slow and overrated. Not too much more terrain is accessed, and it takes a long time between the tramline wait and the tram itself. Snow is amazing. It always seems that there is much more snow than the official Jay snow report says there is.
Jay Peak review written Feb 22 2013 - 09:09 AM
Cleetus Brown Advanced Skier
If you're going to buy liftopia tickets buy them for the first couple days of your trip, just in case something happens where you can't use them. For example; my husband and I received a gift card for two, two-day lift tickets at Jay Peak. We decided to go for a week and use the gift card the first two days and get liftopia tickets for the remaining days of our trip. First two days at Jay Peak were great. It's an average mountain with only the glades to challenge you, but we had fun. The plan was to use the liftopia tickets for day three and four. Well we woke up on day three to torrential down pours of rain, which washed away any snow they had barely accumulated, only green runs were open....no thank you, especially while raining! Day four everything froze over night and it was so cold breaks between runs to warm up were necessary and only lower runs were open! Moral of the story...use your liftopia tickets first, they're FINAL sale for a reason!
Jay Peak review written Feb 02 2013 - 04:09 PM
Lindsey Lopez Intermediate Snowboarder
This was our first trip to Jay and we had a nice stay at the hotel Jay. Liftopia ticket was affordable and easy. The hotel was nice and the water park that is attached great. The skiing was only OK due to the conditions (after a big thaw) and most of the weekend 3 of the lifts going to the top or near the top of the mountain were closed due to wind so there were very few trails to ski. We will try Jay again.
Jay Peak review written Jan 22 2013 - 08:28 PM
Skiing Mom Advanced Skier
Jay Peak is by far the best ski area in the northeast. The glades are world class, snow conditions always better than the rest of VT, nordic trails great and the vibe still low-key despite the recent upgrades. If that's not enough, there is also the excitement of the water park and Ice Haus. Agree that Jay is the "West of the East." If, during a powder morning, you close your eyes in the glades of Timbuktu or Beaver Pond, you may as well be in Steamboat or even Alta. Just don't tell anyone. Jay is getting discovered.
Jay Peak review written Dec 31 2012 - 06:49 AM
Chris Advanced Skier
First time family trip to Jay with 2 year old toddler. For late season trip (April), trails were groomed well and little complaints, considering most VT resorts were closing, due to a sketchy season. Only issue is the Jay Peak Daycare...wish they would provide more visuals online for the space. It makes that much difference to parents, especially MOMS. We stayed off-mountain so we paid the daily rate + meal price (2 days)...kids meals could be a bit healthier. Pizza/burgers/fries isn't exactly what we feed our child back-back. Upon seeing the space, it's quite a nice layout. However, If more effort was put into the daycare program and online appearance, we would certainly consider adding Jay to our annual trips.
Jay Peak review written Apr 10 2012 - 08:33 AM
Chills Advanced Snowboarder
There is nothing sweeter than a free lift ticket. The next best is a discount tic. Liftopia was next best, as I was able to master the stashes at Jay with a discount tic even as the wind blew the tram and the freezer both closed. It required a little effort, as I happened to ride the longest fixed 4 man chair with an orange coat host, and he showed me how I could ski 90% of the terrain from the this fixed and the triple chair. It meant skate climbing 300' to reach a traverse trail to Beyond Beaver Pond. Shelter from the wind was the key. What a day, and what glades. I'm goin back ASAP.
Jay Peak review written Nov 24 2011 - 02:20 AM
cansnowplow Advanced Skier
My first experience with Liftopia went flawlessly. Purchases tix night before a 2-day trip to Jay Peak (my first there in 30 yrs). Customer Service, located under the Tram, had our tix waiting for us. For a first-timer to Jay, proceed to the "day lodge" drop-off area, by the tunnel under the construction zone. Drop off your guests and equipment, then park your car in the lot around the corner. Jay couldn't have been a better experience. Thanks Liftopia!!
Jay Peak review written Apr 23 2011 - 04:11 PM
ctmoneymgr Advanced Skier
My day at Jay Peak couldn't of been any better. All season I had been wanting to make it up there for some excellent tree riding. If you go definitely make sure you hit up Valhalla for a run or two. Some of the most fun I have ever had was on that trail. the liftopia experience couldn't of gone smoother. I look forward to using them in the future.
Jay Peak review written Apr 05 2011 - 06:03 PM
Snaps950 Advanced Snowboarder
Great experience aided by a great deal on lift tickets from here. The mountain was very good for a beginner like myself. Greens were easy and for the most part painless. Overall great time cant wait until next year!
Jay Peak review written Mar 29 2011 - 06:36 AM
Dave Beginner Snowboarder
I too experienced "high winds" that closed the tram. Too bad as it looked like there'd be some good runs there. I got about an hour of skiing before the snow started to fall which limited my visability and reduced my fun factor. I got a good price from Liftopia so I didn't feel too guilty leaving before the mountain shut down. The new main lodge is beautiful, and there's more under construction which should improve the ammenities next year.
Jay Peak review written Mar 23 2011 - 07:25 PM
David Advanced Skier
We went to Jay on Tuesday March 15th. This was only our second time ever going to Jay. Our first trip was very cold and it snowed so hard most of the day that you couldn't see what was around the mountain while on the lifts. This time was different. It was 39 degrees and big bright sun and we could see for miles of the top. The views were the most amazing sights I have ever seen from atop a ski resort. The snow was perfect under our boards. The trails were quiet and wide open. We rode all day til we couldn't ride no more. It was by far our best day at a ski and snowboard resort ever.
Jay Peak review written Mar 21 2011 - 10:07 AM
The Barcliff Family Intermediate Skier
Went on Thursday and the entire mountain was closed except one lift due to high winds. In the morning it was VERY windy but as someone else said in the afternoon the wind died down but they never opened a lift that went all the way up. Jay gets a lot of nasty weather so maybe buying advanced tickets to Jay is not the best idea.
Jay Peak review written Mar 14 2011 - 10:41 AM
Dan Advanced Skier
when the mtn have very few people, they don't open the gondola. sat day was pack house, the wait for the lines were very long, not worth the 7hr drive from NYC.
Jay Peak review written Mar 13 2011 - 08:05 PM
jaxx Advanced Snowboarder
Awesome day at Jay Peak with my family on March 9th 2011. Best snow we ever skied on. No wait time. Will go back for sure!
Jay Peak review written Mar 11 2011 - 06:21 PM
Luc Intermediate Skier
We enjoyed Jay Peak very much! It was our first time there. Due to a white-out at the top, the tram stopped running. Even when the sun came out and it stopped snowing for the rest of the day, the tram did not resume service. Several chair lifts closed. After paying the price of the ticket, we would have enjoyed riding the tram more than one time. We also would have liked to have made it to the top again. We were glad Bonadventure lift was open so we could take advantage of the trails on that side. Great powder!
Jay Peak review written Mar 04 2011 - 05:04 PM
Ruth Intermediate Skier
The new RFID lift ticket system is great, but the staff was a bit lazy about organization in the line, which quickly devolves into a messy queue without direction. Jay Peak in general, however, is a great mountain if you can stand the cold. If you like tight trees, and snowy adventures, here is your playground.
Jay Peak review written Mar 01 2011 - 02:38 PM
Matt Advanced Skier
This is a wonderful mountain.
Jay Peak review written Feb 19 2011 - 04:32 PM
Erik Advanced Skier
Great steeps, nice groomers and amazing glades. Best in bounds policy ever. Great glades, Beaver Pond was probably my favorite one.
Jay Peak review written Feb 18 2011 - 02:51 PM
Regina Advanced Skier
Great steeps, nice groomers and amazing glades. Best in bounds policy ever. Great glades, Beaver Pond was probably my favorite one.
Jay Peak review written Feb 18 2011 - 02:51 PM
Regina Advanced Skier
GLADES + POWDER = FUN Love this mountain
Jay Peak review written Feb 14 2011 - 02:28 PM
JN Advanced Snowboarder
Amazing mountain!! Great variety for all ski abilities. Liftopia ticket was great, even cheaper than a student ticket. Make sure to print and bring your liftopia receipt and have a photo id. Can't wait to go back!
Jay Peak review written Feb 13 2011 - 04:25 PM
Leslye Intermediate Skier
Jay Peak review written Feb 08 2011 - 04:29 PM
mike Advanced Skier
Please note you must take the reciept to the Customer Service Window to get tickets. I waited in two different lines for a total of 35 minutes to learn this. otherwise no issues.
Jay Peak review written Feb 07 2011 - 06:16 PM
mark Intermediate Skier
Jay has been THE favorite mountain of mine in the East for many years. Their recent expansions (ice rink, water park and foo-foo hotels) have me a bit concerned that his rustic ski hill may be taking a turn for the worse.....but time will tell.
Jay Peak review written Feb 03 2011 - 02:05 PM
Schotzy Advanced Skier
The glades were awesome
Jay Peak review written Jan 30 2011 - 05:44 PM
Justin Advanced Snowboarder
I've only skied 35 years as a beginner and this hill seemed very easy, even on a set of 10 year old 190's, not sure why there are so many advanced skiers going here. They should go elsewhere and leave the glades to those trying to become as awesome as they are. I'll sum up with a Haiku: Stay out of the trees You will get bark poisoning I like Jays powder
Jay Peak review written Jan 27 2011 - 02:23 PM
Nate The Half-Bee (not to be confused with Eric) Beginner Skier
Where do I begin? Jay Peak is the best kept secret in the Northeast. There's also a reason they call it an "insider mountain," with short to non-existent lift lines every day I've been. Lodging and ticket prices are super cheap ($94 for a 2-day pass!), and with the most snow in the East, and I've always been happy with the conditions. If you live in New England/New York, Jay is a must.
Jay Peak review written Jan 24 2011 - 02:52 PM
Dan Advanced Snowboarder
My first time at Jay last week and I ended up going down an unmarked glades off JFK. I would advise not doing that unless you are with other people. There was tons of snow but it was very narrow and down right scary.... It was also a blast :). I would come back to Jay for sure.
Jay Peak review written Jan 24 2011 - 08:11 AM
Patrick from Toronto Advanced Skier
The Jay glades are like nothing I've experienced in the east. Not sure where all that snow comes from but there's a ton of it. This was my first time at Jay. I'll be going back in March or early April.
Jay Peak review written Jan 19 2011 - 02:15 PM
Hutch Advanced Skier
Great skiing at Jay. Really enjoyed our brief stay and would recommend it highly. Get your tickets ahead of time thru liftopia, save a bunch!
Jay Peak review written Jan 15 2011 - 03:24 PM
busy dad Advanced Skier
Great conditions! Looking forward to my next trip there!
Jay Peak review written Jan 11 2011 - 09:32 PM
Lindsay Advanced Snowboarder
Without some help from mother nature Jay has trouble keeping the white stuff around. The trails are good and big so it is worth it. Jay isn't for beginners either, so beware.
Jay Peak review written Jan 05 2011 - 03:21 PM
Sam Clementi Advanced Snowboarder
Jay is great, but the new construction makes parking and getting to Cust. Service at Tram Side difficult. The skiing is great, and that's what counts most.
Jay Peak review written Dec 28 2010 - 10:21 AM
Ed Advanced Skier
I took my sons up late Dec, lots of snow and no waiting. the bumps were good and the glades were too. If you like wide open glades try Kokomo. If you use liftopia like I did, you have to go to customer service to get your tickets..which is located beside the the Tram and flyer express quad. The quad gets you pretty close to the top of the Mtn and offers a variety of trails. I ski cannon,Loon [not on weekends] sugarbush smuggs etc. Jay peak has that wilderness feel to it like cannon does. In other words it doesn't feel like your at the mall or loon on the weekends.The trails are a blast. The facilities,Resturaunts etc are very clean and the staff are very friendly like all the above mentioned mountains. Please don't go crazy on the construction
Jay Peak review written Dec 27 2010 - 06:43 PM
Locolobo Advanced Skier
Deep powder in Everglades
Jay Peak review written Dec 27 2010 - 02:14 PM
JZ Intermediate Skier
Get there early if you want any snow. I went there the other day and had a gret time all over until about noon. I was dodging ice and other bare spots all afternooon. Unless you have really good edges you will be doing the same. If they get another foot or snow they will be unbeatable as they do get the most natural snow in VT.
Jay Peak review written Dec 23 2010 - 07:05 AM
CJ Advanced Skier
Jay is the best place to ski on the east if you can ski. Matty and Mia above either dont go there enough or arent good enough to deal with the elements jay can throw. If you go looking for the goods, you will find them. As far as going there for "1 freaking trail" for 40 dollars and all the "false advertising and ice"....do you guys think anywhere else would be any better early season considering most of the other mountains are operating exclusively on man made snow?
Jay Peak review written Dec 22 2010 - 09:26 AM
Dragon Advanced Skier
Lots of snow and glades - great spring snow and bumps. Was there May 1st last year and had a blast.
Jay Peak review written Dec 01 2010 - 04:24 AM
JP Advanced Snowboarder
If you're idea of a good ski is to stay up late getting hammered, you're not going to like Jay. If you're more interested in getting up early to make first lines and you like to pound through the deep snow, trees and bumps on trails so steep your legs ache, you will love it. Their groomers are fine but they can get icy in spots. I use them to rest my legs about every 5th run. The glade skiing is unsurpassed but it is for serious sliders. It is not a slope for ski bunnies. Ski Jay because you're good or you enjoy challenging yourself to become good.
Jay Peak review written Nov 30 2010 - 07:36 PM
MadDan Advanced Skier
Jay is awesome...yes it way up North but it is an adventure. Jay has built a beautiful new hotel restaruant bar Ice skating rink, indoor water park golf course etc....Walt Disney of the Northwest Kingdom!! Don't listen to the other posts! Great skiing and tons of snow when other resorts are dry....it's called the Jay Cloud! produce snow when no one else has it! I live in Burlington VT and travel the 1.5hr to ski there! Plus prices are the most reasonable in VT Don't pass this place up!
Jay Peak review written Nov 23 2010 - 09:27 AM
Julie F Intermediate Skier
Best kept secret of the Northeast. Yes, there is no nightlife but who cares. Your there to ride and ski. Cannot beat the glades & back country.
Jay Peak review written Oct 03 2010 - 12:14 PM
Andrew Advanced Snowboarder
While I agree there is not much nightlife, Jay has incredible terrain (some of the best trees anywhere, east or west) and gets awesome snow
Jay Peak review written Dec 08 2009 - 11:07 AM
Stephanie Advanced Skier
Please don't tell anyone about Jay. Please. Shhh!!
Jay Peak review written Nov 17 2009 - 08:25 AM
Agamus Advanced Skier
It's the "West of the East." Enough said.
Jay Peak review written Mar 02 2009 - 04:19 PM
Nate Advanced Snowboarder
OK, I love Jay. There is something about this place, they just end up getting a ridiculous amount of snow. They can call for a dusting everywhere, and Jay ends up with a foot. It can be cold, but I think this place has a lot of soul, it is worth the drive
Jay Peak review written Nov 12 2008 - 06:08 PM
Evan Advanced Skier

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