Seven Springs

777 Waterwheel Drive, Seven Springs , PA (Driving Directions to Seven Springs)
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Seven Springs Ski Report, Mountain Conditions and Resort Statistics

  • 13 Beginner
  • 15 Intermediate
  • 6 Advanced
  • 6 Expert
Seven Springs is Pennsylvania’s largest ski and four season resort! Conveniently located just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, within 200 miles of Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Cleveland and Columbus,Seven Springs Mountain Resort is the perfect place for family vacations that create lifelong memories.

So much more than exceptional snowsports, Seven Springs’ legendary service provides guests with relaxing escapes. Take the entire ... family skiing in the morning, take a shot at Sporting Clays or enjoy the thrills of snowtubing in the afternoon, enjoy a luxurious spa treatment in the evening before a great dinner and then do it all again the next day after a relaxing overnight stay.

Since 2004, Seven Springs has been committed to developing and growing its Terrain Parks, halfpipes and superpipe. Now, Seven Springs has five terrain parks of varying difficulty and progression and more than 50 features in all. The resort’s hard work and dedication towards these efforts have been nationally recognized for two consecutive years including the 2010-2011 selection as the #1 parks and #1 pipe on the East Coast.
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Seven Springs Amenities

  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
    Night skiing available.
  • Terrain Park Terrain Park
    Ski area offers at least one terrain park.
  • Half Pipe Half Pipe
    Ski area offers a half pipe.
  • Cat Skiing Cat Skiing
    Cat skiing is available at this resort; may entail an add'l cost
  • Grooming Grooming
    This resort grooms a portion of its slopes.
  • Snow Making Snow Making
    Ski area offers snow making for additional coverage.
  • Family Friendly Family Friendly
    This resort is known for providing a family friendly atmosphere.
  • Expert Favorite Expert Favorite
    This resort is known for its challenging terrain.
  • Daycare Available Daycare Available
    Guests have access to daycare services; an additional charge may apply.
  • Slopeside Dining Slopeside Dining
    Resort offers at least one restaurant on the slopes; hours may vary.
  • Slopeside Lodging Slopeside Lodging
    This resort has slopeside lodging available; it may or may not be ski in/ski out.
  • Tubing Tubing
    This resort offers tubing activities; additional charges may apply
  • Wi-Fi Access Wi-Fi Access
    This resort is equipped with internet access; additional charges may apply
  • Skiers Only Skiers Only
    This resort does not allow snowboarding.
  • Ropes Course/Aerial Park Ropes Course/Aerial Park
    Resort offers ropes course/aerial park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Alpine Slide / Coaster Alpine Slide / Coaster
    Resort has Alpine Slide, Alpine Coast or both. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Concerts / Festivals Concerts / Festivals
    Frequent host of concerts or festivals.
  • Event Space/Conference Center Event Space/Conference Center
    Resort has event space & conference center available.
  • Former Olympic Site Former Olympic Site
    Resort is a former Olympic site.
  • Gambling Gambling
    Resort has legal gambling services.
  • Golf Course Golf Course
    Resort has a golf course. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Gondola Rides Gondola Rides
    Resort offers gondola rides.
  • Hiking Hiking
    Resort offers hiking trails and services. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Ice Skating Ice Skating
    Resort offers ice skating activities.
  • Indoor Waterpark Indoor Waterpark
    Resort offers indoor waterpark.
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
    Resort offers mountain biking. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Outdoor Waterpark Outdoor Waterpark
    Resort offers outdoor water park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Segway Tours Segway Tours
    Resort offers segway tours. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
    Resort offers snowmobiling. Additional charges may apply.
  • Spa Spa
    Resort offers spa services. Additional charges may apply.
  • Zipline Zipline
    Resort offers zipline activities. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.

Seven Springs Operations


Open for Events/Activities

Lifts Open/Total

0 of 14

Weekday Hours


Trails Open/Total

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Seven Springs Snow Report & Ski Conditions

Base Elevation

2,240 ft

24-hr Snowfall


Vertical Drop

750 ft

Avg Base Depth


Peak Elevation

2,994 ft

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Seven Springs Reviews & Tips (29)

On a positive note, and one that connot be beat, 7 Springs has the BEST freestyle facilities East of Mammoth, CA! Only place on the East that has a 22' Olympic Superpipe and it's groomed to pure perfection. Same goes for their parks. 7 Springs puts every East Coast resort, and most others around the world, to shame with their professional freestyle facilities. Every kid likes to jump, so it's a bigger crowd pleaser than most of you would ever admit. I will say it's not cheap to build and maintain professional caliber facilities. You might ask why do we did it to be professional? Because it's WAY safer when it's built and maintained by pros, big or small. Skiing/Snowboarding has never been a cheap sport. Quit crying and appreciate what they have. I know 95% of people 25 and under sure as hell love the professional freestyle facilities they have. 7 Springs kills it! I've been to every major resort in the Rockies and Vermont. I've been to Europe and Whistler, BC. Seven Springs is beyond legit and I'm one very appreciative rider for their commitment.
Seven Springs review written Nov 19 2015 - 11:40 AM
Chris Mitchell Advanced Snowboarder
As you can clearly see from all the previous comments, a once reasonable activity has now been exploited by the greedy rich. I haven't spent a dime at this resort in the last 3 years, since the prices tripled. I used to make the trip about 5 times a year with a group of people, but no longer. If enough people are discontent about something, isn't there a way to lobby for change?
Seven Springs review written Oct 31 2015 - 05:49 AM
Tim Rindt Intermediate Skier
I don't know if anyone is noticing the pattern here....skied here for years and had many great the new owners( Nuttings) have made the prices outlandish!!....I refuse to patronize this place for what they charge....try Wisp in Deep Creek Md midweek prices are what Seven Springs used to be
Seven Springs review written Feb 03 2015 - 11:56 AM
John Intermediate Skier
weekend begins on sat. I work second shift and feel that I am forced to pay a higher price just to ski and not have the opportunity to ski for 3 to 4 hours with paying less. I thought about a twilight ticket on fri. but with my tolerance of only 4 hours I'm skipping that for the price of 70.00. That's ridiculous. I'll go somewhere else and the resort will have one less customer or maybe 5 less customers. Let's see, more is better isn't it. Something is better than nothing. Your options and flexibility are not conducive to today's society. When you give, you receive. Everything is a balance not superioritative Greed.
Seven Springs review written Jan 31 2015 - 08:23 AM
sharon Beginner Skier
I have been skiing 7 Springs for 20+ years and decided to allow my sons to join ski club, during a recent Friday night trip my son had his wallet stolen from the locker room. Granted not entirely the ski resorts fault, as it was stowed but not under lock and key per say. My son was devistated and reported it to security a follow up call on my behalf was ignored as I never heard from security. I once looked upon 7 Springs with joy and excitement, not now. I wont return and spend money where I have felt violated.
Seven Springs review written Jan 17 2015 - 11:07 AM
Greg Intermediate Snowboarder
Grew up skiing at Seven Springs. No more unfortunately. Beginner mountain with outrageous prices.
Seven Springs review written Jan 08 2015 - 01:04 PM
Perry Chappano Advanced Skier
Learned to ski/board at 7 springs, and i am going to Colorado this season to experience real mountains. I need to practice somewhere, sadly, as a 21 year old I refuse to spend 10 hours worth of money to ski 9 trails at 7 springs. Get a grip nuttings. You are crooks. Stealing from Pittsburgh in summer (Pirates) and now the winter.
Seven Springs review written Dec 21 2014 - 09:46 AM
Zach Intermediate Snowboarder
I have been skiing for 20 years at 7 springs. This year, I plan to look elsewhere. Along with EVERYONE ELSE I am sick of the price-gouging at this mediocre resort. They know that they have Pittsburgh snow enthusiasts captive because of their proximity. My guess is they are confused and think that they are in Vermont or Colorado and not Pennsylvania...let's face it, they have 700 ft of vertical and rely almost entirely on snowmaking. They conditions are at best "groomed granular" (which the site ALWAYS says) and often are icy. Powder days are rare, and with the volume of skiers/boarders, don't last long before the puffy stuff is scraped down to the ice again. You will forever be perfect in my memories, Seven Springs. But time for a divorce.
Seven Springs review written Nov 17 2014 - 09:42 AM
Chris Advanced Skier
Folks can write about too many drunks on the slopes, but I describe the owners of this resort a little more colorfully and you delete my comments. The fact is, Seven Springs is a nice place to ski, but far too overpriced. I live in northeast Ohio and there is 7 springs, Holiday Valley, and Peek n Peak within driving distance. Now it seems the same folks managing the Springs have purchased Holiday Valley too. It's sad that my family will only get to ski a few times a year, when we head out west because of this. A grand sport and great family activity is being destroyed by greed.
Seven Springs review written Mar 18 2014 - 08:15 PM
Naniki-in-Ohio Advanced Skier
I've been riding & springs for years and am a current pass holder. The resort is very decent for our area, but you can never trust their websites snowreport. They always claim great conditions, even when its bare and icy. The staff our rude, and treat the guests poorly. WHich can be expected from time to time, however seems to be all the time these days. Lift ticket prices our through the roof I feel bad for people paying out of pocket for a sub par ski experience like your likely to receive. However the nuttings have invested a great deal into the terrain parks, however they are starting to break away from there progression design and making larger, more difficult features, and not gven much to the entry level riders to learn on without making a big step. I;d personally go north to Holiday valley if I was not local. Hidden valley is now owned by the Nuttings as well and its only a matter of time before it losses its home town mountain appeal.
Seven Springs review written Feb 12 2014 - 07:32 PM
PAlocal Advanced Snowboarder
My wife and I live in Ohio, where the skiing is definitely limited, so we decided to venture out a bit. After researching other locals which are offered holiday three-day lifts for half the cost, I think we'll head somewhere else. I too drive a Range Rover but still to "rich" for my blood. My wife was paying just over $350 (1/3 more than a 3-day here) for an entire season at Mt Rose in NV. No thank you.
Seven Springs review written Jan 14 2014 - 05:30 PM
Rick Advanced Skier
I first started coming to Seven Springs with my high school Skier/Snowboarder club and I fell in love. Unfortunately the resort's decision to continually raise prices year after year has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. The cost for a lift ticket is absurd, not to mention the price of renting equipment on top of that. What used to be a family friendly activity is no longer practical for the average income household. Its unfortunate that the greed of the people at the top prevents so many from enjoying the beauty and excitement of this natural resource. I'll spend my money elsewhere.
Seven Springs review written Jan 10 2014 - 09:36 AM
Stephanie Intermediate Snowboarder
Hidden Valley is now owned by seven springs, their prices will climb as well.
Seven Springs review written Jan 08 2014 - 01:10 PM
Big mac Advanced Skier
Someone mentioned they are catering to the BMW and Rover crowd. I drive a BMW and a ROVER and have a family of 5. Been going to Seven Springs forever, since I was 15 years old and is my favorite near DC. I won't be skiing at their resort anymore at those prices. So, I think their pricing strategy will have to be rethought. Perhaps they skipped their economics lessons about price elasticity. I hope they figure it out sooner rather than later. SAD in NOVA
Seven Springs review written Jan 03 2014 - 05:17 PM
SAD in No Va Advanced Skier
WOW...I grew up skiing at Seven Springs and skiied here all of my life. Fast forward to today, now a family of five, I will not be brining the family to Seven Springs at $75-$80 per lift ticket. That's more than skiing out west prices.
Seven Springs review written Dec 24 2013 - 09:23 AM
Long Time Seven Springs Skiier Advanced Skier
After 40 years of skiing here, they've finally lost me. $75 ($80 holidays) is ridiculous. Save your money for a trip to Utah or Colorado, where you can ski for $20 less on 3000 ft of vertical and 20 times the acreage.
Seven Springs review written Nov 17 2013 - 05:41 PM
Larry Advanced Skier
Runs were generally good, but the cost is certainly prohibitive for going back upon impulse. Perhaps the good news is that due to the expense of Seven Springs my 'family' of buddies & I have discovered a couple other less costly places to go play.
Seven Springs review written Nov 14 2013 - 10:44 AM
KALIN Intermediate Snowboarder
Since the new owners have taken over the springs, yes, there are some upgrades, but at a huge expense to the skiers! They have over priced the experience. I'm in New York skiing Hunter right now with ticket pricing UNDER 7 Springs for more than double the verticle and much more challenging terrain. I've skied thousands of days at the springs and made friends with most of the managers and staff, which they FIRED to just make more profit (I love profit too). BUT, these people worked for less than market value and did a great job making 7 Springs what it was before the idiots took over. Herman knew that if he made tickets affordable, people would spend more money on other things (beer and food) when they got to the mountain. The new mgmt. team wants to get as much out of a ticket as has been said that they want the Range Rover/BMW crowd...not the family van crowd that pays the same for everything they buy too!!! I choose to spend my money elsewhere like Hidden Valley when skiing local. They appreciate their patron's money. Advice, Bob, sell the resort back to HERMAN and let's get things they way it should be!!!
Seven Springs review written Mar 12 2013 - 08:48 AM
Kevin Advanced Skier
I wanted to take my 7 year old daughter to seven springs this week, where I learned how to ski 25 years ago. After checking the prices...It would cost me 161.00 to go sking on a wednesday afternoon with her. No thanks.
Seven Springs review written Mar 04 2013 - 05:30 PM
Kevin Intermediate Skier
Post guards under the Polar Bear Express and throw off every person who tosses a beer can! Tired of skiing with drunk kids who don't respect the mountain. Build a mini lift system to train the beginners -- who cares if the lift is fast if it stops every 5 minutes?! Bring back the "roast beef guy!" - he was the best deal on the mountain How about getting a DJ who caters to the age of the folks buying the beer at the Goggle?! Rap and Hip Hop is not a good spin for the outdoor bar! You're prices are insulting - you're going to put yourselves out of business!
Seven Springs review written Feb 28 2013 - 01:53 PM
"O" Intermediate Skier
Prices too HIGH! It's a shame because it's a such a nice place but who can afford it? We've been going there for the past 15 yrs, but if the prices remain the same next season, we won't be back.
Seven Springs review written Feb 08 2013 - 12:30 PM
Crystal Intermediate Snowboarder
Prices are very high, and border on embarrassing when bringing my friends from the Rockies. I plan to visit Hidden Valley a few more times this year.
Seven Springs review written Dec 29 2012 - 09:59 AM
Lifetime Visitor Advanced Skier
I like some of the much needed upgrades that 7 springs has made and their terrain park efforts are great! The problem with 7 springs is they are GOUGING the public. $74 for a lift ticket? I ski in Utah several times a year and the prices are almost the same. Get a grip 7 springs. I guess its better to have less people go and pay more than have more people appreciate the "hill" and pay less. Same ownership as the Pittsburgh Pirates......not hard to see through the BS.
Seven Springs review written Dec 29 2012 - 09:58 AM
Bob Advanced Skier
The new owners are making the long time season passholders feel like, we, the skiers are NOT that important to them. They seem to believe that the NOW seven (adding another one this year) terrain parks are the most important thing and all the snow making should be used for them!!!!! Yes I believe they are important but not as much as they are pushing for. For them to spend the amount of time & money on a 22-foot, Olympic size half-pipe, that is only usable for a month or so, is a waste. Here we go again this year...2012/2013 push for early-season snow making!!!! Hidden Valley, another ski hill 5 miles away was able to and did make enough snow to open early 2-weeks in a row, where 7-Springs did not!!!! Plus the lift rates are way to high for the terrain open. At this time of the year, Hidden Valley $20 per/day....Seven Springs $45....REALLY!!!!! I know many skiers that did not and will not renew their season passes and are moving on to other options. It is sad to see somthing you had fun doing for 35 years, go down hill in the past 8-10 years. The owners need to sell the resort to someone that will focus more on "skiers" and how to make our time on the hill more fun!!!!
Seven Springs review written Dec 19 2012 - 07:28 AM
A local "Buzzard" & longtime pass holder Advanced Skier
A pretty good mountain for East Coast skiing. Prices are a little on the salty side. The quality of the runs here are typically pretty good. However if you get some fresh snow do yourself a favor and travel to blue knob instead. The terrain is more difficult and the mountain is more fun to ski (considering there is some natural snow). As far as comparing any east coast resort even Vermont to skiing the Rockies, Sierras, or the Wasatch range don't even try. It's like comparing apples to oranges.
Seven Springs review written Oct 19 2012 - 01:51 PM
Wes Advanced Skier
After an awful no snow season, 7 springs has decided to raise their prices. Nice move marketing! Each year when I go into the locker area, the crowds become smaller and smaller. I know of 10 families personally that are not coming back next year. My family is the 11th. The skiing at 7 springs is good for pennsylvania, but lets be honest - how good can that be. Time to move on to Snowshoe.
Seven Springs review written May 09 2012 - 07:37 AM
Sal Gavin Advanced Skier
I have been going to 7 springs since I was a kid. (43 now). The new owner has made many new updates to the resort. One of the main updates are the lift run times. They updated almost all of the lift stations to run faster so there is less time sitting on the chair lifts. I have also lived and skied all around the US and the world. 7 Springs was and still is one of my favorite places to ski. Sure the hill are not as big as out west Greg. Any skier nows this. But if you live somewhat close to 7 Springs it is worth the travel.
Seven Springs review written Dec 27 2011 - 11:59 AM
Tim Intermediate Skier
Great family ski area. With the lodge right at the base of the mountain, a better set up is hard to beat or find anywhere in the entire east. Even on weekends the lift lines move quickly. Good variety of terrain. Lots of food and beverage outlets. No reason to have to get in your car, once you are there.
Seven Springs review written Dec 26 2011 - 01:20 PM
Dennis Wagner Advanced Skier
Too many drunks on the slopes, especially nights and weekends. While Seven Springs has the best offerings in the area for number of runs and lifts, it's rarely worth the hassle of the large crowds and long waits for the lifts. I highly recommend any real ski/snowboard enthusiast to travel west for the Rocky Mountains or Sierra Nevadas. I'm also planning trips to Western Canada (Vancouver B.C. area: Whistler--Olympic site and Alberta: Banff).
Seven Springs review written Dec 15 2011 - 05:29 PM
Gregg Advanced Skier

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