Snow Valley

35100 State Highway 18, Running Springs , CA (Driving Directions to Snow Valley)
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Snow Valley Ski Report, Mountain Conditions and Resort Statistics

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  • 13 Intermediate
  • 11 Advanced
  • 1 Expert
Snow Valley, located in southern California by San Bernardino, is a ski resort with 12 lifts and 28 trails on 240 acres. Snow Valley has a variety of terrain, including a couple black diamonds, and some easier runs. The hardest runs are at the top along Slide Peak. Groomed cruisers are well maintained, and if backcountry is your thing, there ... is a wide area within ski area borders but not maintained to explore. The terrain park, Edge, runs down the left side. Snow Valley offers ski and ride lessons, snowmaking, on mountain dining, and night skiing, among others. Snow Valley is a great family destination with mini snowmobiles and snow play along with a family friendly atmosphere. Read more

Snow Valley Amenities

  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
    Night skiing available.
  • Terrain Park Terrain Park
    Ski area offers at least one terrain park.
  • Half Pipe Half Pipe
    Ski area offers a half pipe.
  • Cat Skiing Cat Skiing
    Cat skiing is available at this resort; may entail an add'l cost
  • Grooming Grooming
    This resort grooms a portion of its slopes.
  • Snow Making Snow Making
    Ski area offers snow making for additional coverage.
  • Family Friendly Family Friendly
    This resort is known for providing a family friendly atmosphere.
  • Expert Favorite Expert Favorite
    This resort is known for its challenging terrain.
  • Daycare Available Daycare Available
    Guests have access to daycare services; an additional charge may apply.
  • Slopeside Dining Slopeside Dining
    Resort offers at least one restaurant on the slopes; hours may vary.
  • Slopeside Lodging Slopeside Lodging
    This resort has slopeside lodging available; it may or may not be ski in/ski out.
  • Tubing Tubing
    This resort offers tubing activities; additional charges may apply
  • Wi-Fi Access Wi-Fi Access
    This resort is equipped with internet access; additional charges may apply
  • Skiers Only Skiers Only
    This resort does not allow snowboarding.
  • Ropes Course/Aerial Park Ropes Course/Aerial Park
    Resort offers ropes course/aerial park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Alpine Slide / Coaster Alpine Slide / Coaster
    Resort has Alpine Slide, Alpine Coast or both. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Concerts / Festivals Concerts / Festivals
    Frequent host of concerts or festivals.
  • Event Space/Conference Center Event Space/Conference Center
    Resort has event space & conference center available.
  • Former Olympic Site Former Olympic Site
    Resort is a former Olympic site.
  • Gambling Gambling
    Resort has legal gambling services.
  • Golf Course Golf Course
    Resort has a golf course. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Gondola Rides Gondola Rides
    Resort offers gondola rides.
  • Hiking Hiking
    Resort offers hiking trails and services. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Ice Skating Ice Skating
    Resort offers ice skating activities.
  • Indoor Waterpark Indoor Waterpark
    Resort offers indoor waterpark.
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
    Resort offers mountain biking. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Outdoor Waterpark Outdoor Waterpark
    Resort offers outdoor water park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Segway Tours Segway Tours
    Resort offers segway tours. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
    Resort offers snowmobiling. Additional charges may apply.
  • Spa Spa
    Resort offers spa services. Additional charges may apply.
  • Zipline Zipline
    Resort offers zipline activities. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.

Snow Valley Operations


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Snow Valley Snow Report & Ski Conditions

Base Elevation

6,800 ft

24-hr Snowfall


Vertical Drop

1,041 ft

Avg Base Depth


Peak Elevation

7,830 ft

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Snow Valley Reviews & Tips (87)

I wnet on Saturday with my son who snowboards, we both enjoyed Snow valley. Very very friendly staff everywhere. On the way up signs said we needed chains even if website had said it was recommended. We were told police were stopping everybody just around the corner. We did not have chains. There were guys selling and installing chains. So we were led to believe we HAD to get chains on. It cost me $80 for the chains and $40 for installment. Right after we left people on the side of the road made signs that is was not needed. So we wasted $120. I had never ever in my 20 years in California needed chains so I did not have the guts to proceed without them. And since the roadsigns said it was required we did it. I felt very cheated and will recommend others to ignore the signs. Unless you are actually stopped and not fined don't bother with the chains. Maybe if you go all the way up to Big Bear - I wouldn't know. Besides this annoying and expensive 'scam' we had a great experience. No lines anywhere, at all - I would recommend this resort anytime.
Snow Valley review written Mar 14 2016 - 10:08 PM
Lene Intermediate Skier
Of the Southern California Resorts I've skied at this year, the first year I took up skiing full time (I had some prior experience at Tahoe and Yosemite, and extensive prior cross country experience) I liked Snow Valley the best. It is certainly the least expensive, either on Liftopia or in terms of investing in a season pass. Positives: lots of them. Family friendly, reasonably priced, and close by (especially for me as I live in Crestline, just 30 minutes away) all come to mind. So does the single adjective friendly. Everyone I dealt with at Snow Valley was nice. I never took classes there, but their guest relations people, hosts who regularly ski the mountain, in addition to ski patrol, and even the people in the ski store and lift operators were all super. The resort caters to beginning and intermediate skiers but also has a couple regular black diamond runs which I feel fairly comfortable on. You also have several options off the number 1 and 3 lifts for long cruises. Although not as challenging as other runs, I still like Wine Rock to Mambo Alley for a long pleasant cruise. Lift lines are short, but generally the number 3 lift is faster than the number 1. The longest wait is on the number 6 beginner lift. For early intermediates, number 13 offers some challenging options and is a very short wait. I spent much of my first 2 weeks skiing on that lift. Finally, the groomers do a great job. It was a very warm dry February (2016) and Mountain High closed, but the groomers managed to keep Snow Valley open until some snow arrived in early March. Food prices are also reasonable and I am a big fan of their burgers, large and 100% Angus. On the down side, you don't lose as much weight skiing when you eat those. Negatives: There are a few. This is a much smaller resort than most. It only has 240 acres for skiing/boarding, and early or late in the season, you will not even have that much. Snow making is only an option to the points served by the number 1 and 3 lifts. This means that the only true double diamond ski options, which I'm probably not ready for anyway, are not available most of the season. The Slide Peak section of the resort, which features nearly half of the total acreage is only open after big dumps of natural powder. If you need a double diamond fix because you are all that, and more, then you may need to go elsewhere. I have never been at the resort when all lifts were operating. But then again, I've never seen long lift lines here either. So I went ahead and purchased as season pass for next season. Which means I won't be using Liftopia for this resort. But I'll be there more than anywhere else. Less drive time=more slope time, and that is true for just about anywhere you live in Southern California.
Snow Valley review written Mar 14 2016 - 09:51 PM
Fritz Ward Intermediate Skier
Had the best weekend skiing at Snow Valley! My kids (4.5 and 7 years) took an afternoon lesson on Friday and a full day lesson on Saturday. The instructors were great and they had the best time. Kids learned a ton and were both going down the intermediate blue run by the end of the day Saturday. I took a 3 hour private lesson on Friday and a 1 hour private on Saturday (Instructor Jeff is awesome!) and learned a lot. My husband snowboarded on the upper runs - the mountain was probably a bit easy for him, but he still had a great time. Snow Valley is very family friendly. Crowds are minimal midweek, busier on weekends. Definitely arrive early....the ticket pick up process, rentals, etc takes time. This is especially important if you are trying to get your kids checked in for lessons. We showed up nice and early, but saw others scrambling. The best part was the discounted tix from Liftopia! Saved a ton on tickers/rentals/lessons for the whole family.
Snow Valley review written Mar 14 2016 - 12:11 PM
J Beginner Skier
great place for the kids (5 and 8 years old) to learn how to ski. The ski instructors and facilities are outstanding! Everyone at Snow Valley is extremely nice and service oriented. Will definitely return as soon as there is more snow.
Snow Valley review written Feb 29 2016 - 06:16 PM
jose Intermediate Skier
First point, Liftopia - awesome. Inexpensive and easy to purchase tickets (although, for God sakes - allow me to put multiple tickets in the same 'basket'. Maybe I did something wrong?) Second point, we had a great time and Snow Valley was very family friendly. We went on a Friday & the lift lines were non-existent (longest I waited was 2 minutes). My 2 kids (5 & 10) took lessons and the facility & teachers were great! I will definitely do this again. Third point, snow was pretty bad - considering the snow report given (said 2-3 ft.base - which is pretty bad to begin with!). Granted it poured rain the night before and I expected the worst (ice), the snow was groomed nicely. However, 1/2 the mountain was non-operational and there was at most 1 ft of snow. Lastly, if you are purchasing a combo lift ticket/rental/lessons package (again, a great deal!) follow these steps for success: 1. Get to the resort 1.5 hours early (weekday, weekend - holidays, probably more!). Even with a very small crowd, it takes 1 hour MINIMUM. 2. Go straight to the "Will Call Ticket" booth - have a credit card ready for the rental deposit - they will give you the lift tickets, rental form & lessons form 3. Go to the rental room, right around the corner (same building as tickets) 4. Fill out the forms while you are in line - Bring your own pen. They have a basket of them... but they get scattered around 5. After getting fitted for skis and boots (this can take nearly an hour!!!!), walk across the parking lot to the Learning center (farthest big building to the right if you are at the entrance of the parking lot facing the slopes). 6. Sign in door is on the left - takes about 15-30 minutes to get signed in. Enjoy!
Snow Valley review written Feb 23 2016 - 09:32 AM
Jean Claude Advanced Skier
Much less crowded than Snow Summit!!!!
Snow Valley review written Feb 16 2016 - 02:26 PM
Elizabeth Intermediate Snowboarder
We bought tickets last monday for 31st jan, sunday. We reached and asked them about the conditions. they lied to our face saying it was really good and sometime after we were on the slope, they closed most lifts apart 1 beginner lift. they did not even offer a partial refund or another day's ticket. the least they could have done was inform us of what they were planning to do. the staff were not polite at all at the counter either.
Snow Valley review written Feb 02 2016 - 02:48 PM
Ankit Intermediate Skier
Purchased two tickets for Sunday with a forecast for snow. It rained, tickets useless. Murphy's Law buy tickets early, conditions suffer.
Snow Valley review written Feb 02 2016 - 02:22 PM
Matthew Advanced Snowboarder
watch out for the weather...i pruchased 2 tickets and the nexr day it rained....$80 down the drain....wish there was a way to get a voucher for another day...seems fair enough?
Snow Valley review written Feb 02 2016 - 11:11 AM
mary ann lehmar Beginner Snowboarder
Went up on a Tuesday 1/26/16 with a group of friends for my 3rd time ever snowboarding. I rented a snowboard boots and bindings. The staff was helpful and gear was excellent. I would definitely recommend going during the week because there was hardly anyone there. No lift lines, maybe 4 people on a run at a time max. I got to practice in the terrain park without worrying about ruining someone's day.
Snow Valley review written Jan 29 2016 - 10:34 AM
Hodak Beginner Snowboarder
I haven't skied in over 2 decades so I didn't mind Snow Valley over Big Bear. Unfortunately there was high wind and all the lifts were closed. We did receive a weather voucher though. All we could do was walk up the beginner slope so the trip wasn't a waste. The snow was hard and icy. Not great at all.
Snow Valley review written Dec 28 2015 - 04:55 PM
CroSki Beginner Skier
Go here right after a snowstorm! My first visit after an early March storm was great. We had bikini temps and bluebird skies and the snow was pretty good considering. There were growing patches of dirt and rock as the day proceeded but I still had a great time. I'd rather have that, plus no lift lines and easy peasy parking, than the crabby crowds at Bear Mountain, and at about half the price. Yeah!
Snow Valley review written Mar 10 2015 - 03:12 PM
Charity Advanced Snowboarder
Planned our trip on a Monday right after a weekend of rain and snowfall. When we pulled the car in the parking lot of Snow Valley, I was surprised to see it practically empty! There was very little people there that day, the snow conditions were perfect! Lots of fresh snow on the ground and it snowed throughout the day keeping the surface semi-soft. Never got icy and later on, the sun peeked out through the clouds. We were able to get on and off lifts without ever having more than 2 people in front of us. The runs were great (even though they had only 4 lifts going)! 2 of the 4 people that went with me were beginners. Once they got their bearings going down the bunny slope a couple of times, they were able to manage boarding down the intermediate slopes the rest of the day. Great park for people who don't want to bother the "real" snowboarders while they bomb the hills. :)
Snow Valley review written Mar 10 2015 - 10:31 AM
GenneraLee Intermediate Snowboarder
As of 3-3-15 great snow, and great cold temps to keep the powder around... Snow valley provides a MUCH better value than Big Bear/Snow Summit. It is still worth going to big bear for night life, restaurants and lodging though. Snow valley isn't quite as good at keeping runs open by blowing snow, but they do ok. However I will say that no SoCal mountain is worth spending too much money on when there isn't any natural snow on the ground and above 30 degree temps. If there is no natural snow, both mountains are going to be icy and thin. On the flip side, when the snow storms DO come, it is great skiing at both mountains, so you might as well save 60% and go to snow valley. Big bear has more runs, but also more people so it isn't any more open than snow valley most of the time. Big Bear DOES have the best terrain park features if you're into mostly freestyle, but if not, the value just isn't there I think. As for the snow valley base camp, it is almost big and maintained as big bear/snow summit, and has all the amenities, so it should have anything you need. If you like lots of run options, more people, and lots of freestyle features, Big Bear is for you. If you don't mind doing the same run twice, and like to freeride, or are learning and need easy runs, then you can save a lot of money going to snow valley. Just wait for snow to come before you go up there to either place.
Snow Valley review written Mar 03 2015 - 09:35 PM
chris Intermediate Snowboarder
I took my two teens skiing on Jan 12 (no crowds at all) and we had a fantastic time there. This was just the third time my girls went skiing so they are beginners. This resort was perfect for them to learn. I strongly recommend Snow Valley for those that are learning to ski since the slopes are not too steep and are wide and long enough to have fun. Better than Big Bear or Snow Summit for first time beginners.
Snow Valley review written Jan 19 2015 - 04:34 PM
Pablo Intermediate Skier
I went mid week and I had the best time skiing and flying around. The snow was great and just had a great time and with the discount it was even better!
Snow Valley review written Jan 09 2015 - 02:07 PM
Terry Advanced Skier
This place has really gone downhill. I am so thankful that I did not pay full price. I've always enjoyed the hometown atmosphere here, excellent grooming, and really friendly employees out on the mountain. It's smaller than the ski areas 14 miles up the road, but it used to be worth it! This is the first time I have visited and saw none of these things I have always loved. The operators were clearly not prepared any sort of crowd. This place is a ZOO! I've been skiing long enough to know that the lifty is supposed to brace the chair for a softer load on these older lifts. I have never seen one actually sit in a chair and call you out! I am not sure why they are even there because we actually loaded ourselves. Once at the top of the lift, there were people piled up on the ramp. No one slowed the lift, or seemed concerned. They just kept yelling to keep moving and get out of the way! It was hard to avoid the carnage and I ended up joining them. There was no concern, or asking if I was okay. Just more yelling to get off the ramp and get out of the way! The lines were not controlled at all and it was a free-for-all. I expected crowds, it was a holiday after all. I don't even know how to articulate exactly how run-down this "resort" has become and the attitude of the employees reflects the same. The very best part (it was actually kind of funny)? It was well after closing time, and we heard people scrambling around. There is obviously something wrong. It turns out that there were several people LEFT ON THE LIFT FOR THE NIGHT!!! The safety patrol said that lifty walked off and left people on the chair. Had someone not happened to have seen them, they would have frozen over night for sure with those low temps. I would consider this a clear safety hazard. Have you seen the movie FROZEN? This place has really made a huge decline this season. They need to get their acts together. I am sad to say that I would not go here again unless there were major changes, not even if it were free.
Snow Valley review written Jan 07 2015 - 08:09 PM
Dave M. Intermediate Skier
Arrive early for any trip... call if necessary for additional information, if its a holiday weekend then assume its going to be jammed packed. Took the family January 2, 2015 and the lines were long and some lines did not make sense, better crowd control or announcement boards could help. I just go with the flow, my fault was arriving late (around 9:15 am) and the kids eventually went on to their lifts by 12 noon. Forms have to be filled out and not enough pens. people just need to be more patient and leave the pens on the tables. Exiting the parking lot requires a better strategy, 5 rows on the west side of the parking lot funneling into one exit road does not make sense. several rows on the east side of the parking lot doing the same, just caused a huge mess. Leaving the parking lot took almost 55 minutes. Friends of mine, took the opposite exit and went out through the "entrance" of Snow Valley. Highway officials should have handled the traffic better. Overall, kids had fun, they got enough runs and lifts operated normal. Will go again knowing to arrive early and leaving during a low peak hour during the day.
Snow Valley review written Jan 05 2015 - 11:07 AM
Alexx Intermediate Snowboarder
Snow Valley did a TERRIBLE job over the holiday weekend of accomodating the New Years crowds. The word for the day was WAIT. Bought our tickets online ahead of time (rentals included)...WAIT in an unmarked line to pick up tickets...WAIT while ticket guy fills out some info on your rental forms by hand (30 min)...WAIT to get in the rental shop, WAIT to fill out your form, WAIT for your boots, WAIT for your skis (45 min). Get the kids out on the snow finally...WAIT for the first lift. After that it was pretty good. Skied till the kids tuckered out. Some icy patches but overall was ok for the price we paid. Some wait on the lift lines but nothing too bad. THEN...WAIT to turn in your rentals. Take a look at the MESS in the parking lot and decide to grab a burger to avoid the traffic. The wait for a simple hamburger was OVER AN HOUR! Decided to brave the parking lot...took 45 minutes just to exit the lot!! Oh, and did I mention that the traffic too and from the resort was atrocious? 1 hour to go 10 miles. So, I guess I would say, maybe this place is ok as long as they don't have any kind of crowd to deal with? Their operations on the land side of things (vs. the snow side of things) are completely wretched.
Snow Valley review written Jan 05 2015 - 10:36 AM
Autumn Intermediate Skier
Terrible. Will NEVER go again. Now I remember why I ski Bear or Summit. They were unprepared for the holiday weekend. This is their business they should know how to operate. It is not like it is a new resort. They have been around a while. Im 42 and I started skiing there as a kid. I purchased tickets/lessons for my 2 kids in advanced so I wouldn't have to wait in line. I was told to arrive 30-60 minutes prior to their lessons. I arrived over an hour and just to PICK UP MY TICKETS that I purchases online, then my kids missed their 1000 lessons because we had to wait in a line over an hour. Then we had to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes until the next lessons so the 6 of us "hung out" until then. My husband and I decided to take the other 2 kids on their "snow play" what a joke, only 2 lanes. It cost us 120 dollars for 3 runs down the hill. We were done after waiting in line over 45 minutes to go down a hill. To kill time as we waited my kids and other kids were playing in the snow and were told not to and that they had to wait in line patiently. Great idea of having a lift up the hill but poorly ran. We met some people that told us they were stuck on the top of the hill while they groomed the "snow play" over one hour. They need to get it together. Some of the employees "teenagers" were rude. Then to leave the parking lot it was a mad house. We waited in the car over an hour just to get out of the parking lot. One way in and one way out. Thank goodness for almost a full tank of gas and snacks in the car. They desperately need a better system. My recommendations to drive 10 miles up the road to the other resorts. I skied there many times and NEVER had any problems with either resort. NEVER NEVER NEVER will Snow Valley see me or my family. I will spread the word to ANYONE who plans on going up there to ski/snowboard.
Snow Valley review written Jan 04 2015 - 02:37 PM
Shannan Advanced Skier
New Years 2015 was awesome at snow valley TIP Be prepared for chain restrictions even after you made it up the hill. You are required to have chains. On NYE there were hundreds stranded on the roads... in single digit temperatures.
Snow Valley review written Jan 03 2015 - 06:22 PM
NShore.Allen Intermediate Skier
BUY, 24 hours before trip, before midnight or Liftopia doesnt show it available. Cannot buy same day. 12/29/14, only 3-4 lifts open. low 40's. while going up on lift, side of mountain, all dry, no snow. need big storm before you really want all of it open. Very windy high up. Ski mask recommended. Kids School learning, If you are late, they dont care. My kids were left in the building from 9:30/10a- afternoon class, when I paid for full day. ALSO, Print out and stand in line. Freakin 1 hr wait :( Open @8 so i wud say, show up at 7:30 to enjoy ur $'s worth for all day. Have fun
Snow Valley review written Jan 01 2015 - 06:40 PM
Dom Intermediate Skier
There were a ton of people, no snow and the runs are very short. There were also places where the run was so flat that I had to take a foot out in order to move. Would probably never go back.
Snow Valley review written Mar 12 2014 - 10:16 AM
Shanell Beginner Snowboarder
Mountain was not groomed and rough exposed areas, especially right after the new snow in March!?! Not going back for a long time. Maybe ok for snowboards!?
Snow Valley review written Mar 06 2014 - 02:05 PM
Anoynmous Beginner Skier
I like to bring my 6-year old son here for ski lessons. The drive is shorter than to the larger Big Bear resorts, and I like how it's usually less crowded. Parking is easier, lift lines are shorter, the cafeteria is less crazy. My son has enjoyed the Children's Learning Center and all of his instructors have been great. I think Snow Valley is a good place for beginners-to-intermediate skiers/riders but during the 2013/14 season there is nothing really for advanced skiers/riders to do. I'd like to visit sometime when there is a lot of snow to see what the resort is like in those conditions.
Snow Valley review written Feb 19 2014 - 03:00 PM
debit Advanced Snowboarder
Since I hadn't skiied in over 8 yrs. Snow Valley was ok. I do wish there was a bit more snow but for the beginner it was ok slushy and icy. The lift operatiors where very nice and accomidating. Everyone helpful there less snow ment no lines anywhere. We had a great time despite lack of snow.
Snow Valley review written Jan 16 2014 - 10:51 PM
Lisa Beginner Skier
Good snow conditions, minimal bare spots, probably see more unless weather changes. No crowds. Definitely go again
Snow Valley review written Jan 08 2014 - 03:27 PM
George Advanced Skier
I f you live in the Los Angeles area Snow Valley is a good value for local skiers to get a quick skiing/ snowboarding fix. Consider the following: PROS: --- Close to LA (1.5 hrs approx from LA & beach cities) ---- Has Freestyle area , rails ramps/jumps (not mentioned in the "Amenities" checklist) ---- Discount tickets available which make a WEEKDAY ski trip affordable ($30 for a day pass) ----Easy road access , chains are very seldom required ----Has very smooth and gentle slopes excellent for first timers & beginners ----Has black diamond runs for advanced skier/boarder CONS: ----Lifts and runs often closed due to several factors: 1 ( a) Lowest elevation ski hill in CA which naturally equates to warmer avg temperatures, less natural snow, more reliance on snow making. b) the above factors typically result in ALL LIFTS & TRAILS CLOSED at the top(Called "The Slope") of mountain a majority of the season. The Slope has the closest to "extreme terrain" skiing / boarding Snow Valley has to offer the advanced skier/boarder, so you are out of luck if it is closed. I believe the double black diamond trail "The Ladder" on the lower portion of the mountain is more a black diamond than its double diamond status (it has grade (steep) but hardly enough length to be a 'trail'). c) The remaining lifts allowing access to the remaining black diamond runs are SOMETIMES closed leaving only the beginner runs accessible! Good for the beginner and a complete and TOTAL waste of time, effort and money to intermediate to advanced skiers/boarders. WORTHY NOTE: Information as to trail/lift status is not reliable... even via phone call. 2) Moderate to high winds may cause closures (sometimes hours... sometimes the entire day... Seems lift closures due to wind happen oddly enough, mostly weekdays
Snow Valley review written Dec 29 2013 - 08:43 PM
The Skiing Snowman Advanced Skier
Visited on 3/20/13. The resort should have been closed. Most runs had bare spots to large patches, slush, and some running water from snow melt. Snow hard and uneven. Owner trying to stretch season beyond available snow. Should get money refunded.
Snow Valley review written Mar 22 2013 - 03:40 PM
Duncan Fields Intermediate Skier
Snow Valley is a great place to learn how to snowboard. I started off on the intermidiate after hitting the bunny a couple times. First time out the intermitiate was the place for me. Your up to the top quick and eventough the runs are short it gives you some good terrain to get comfortable as you figure it all out. Second time I went back I hit the steep intermidiate then up the black diamand and even hit the jumps and cought some air. Over all Snow Valley is a great place to board!
Snow Valley review written Mar 18 2013 - 01:05 AM
Rich Intermediate Snowboarder
resort still had transformer problems with lift 1 and 3 inop. even though lift 2 was working it wasn't too bad as it was mid-week without crowds.
Snow Valley review written Mar 16 2013 - 10:04 AM
Jim Intermediate Snowboarder
Only one Lift was operating due to a generator problem. They neglected to tell us this before we started our day. After 2 runs that lift closed down leaving us with 2 bunny slopes. They refused to give us a refund or a ticket for another day. It was a waste of my time!
Snow Valley review written Mar 12 2013 - 02:16 PM
Susy Intermediate Skier
Get there early and enjoy the place all to yourself. Then stick around for the night run and snowboard under the most amazing Socal night sky. For a resort that is smaller than Bear Mt and Snow Summit, it has the same amount of fun and is very reasonable on the wallet. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Great place for family with small children. Great place to hone your snowboard and ski skills.
Snow Valley review written Mar 09 2013 - 09:35 PM
Jay Intermediate Snowboarder
Great prices -- great parking and the token you receive for the parking you can redeem at the shops. Very efficient and streamline approach to the rentals. I would advice that IF you get the ski/board lessons, do not go on a crowded weekend. My kids (9,13) are great skiers (we have been to Mammoth, Heavenly and Whistler) and wanted to learn how to board. I got them the entire day and they were stuck on the magic carpet behind the learning center the entire day. I had hoped that 1/ 2 day of instruction on the magic carpet and 1/2 on the bunny slopes but the instructors said the class was too full and they could not take the kids out. Oh well. Nevertheless, a simple mountain, good for beginners and intermediate skiers, no drama, lots of families..worth it if you get tickets on Liftopia.
Snow Valley review written Feb 25 2013 - 07:32 PM
Julie Intermediate Skier
Great time with our family and friends. Our 8 year old twins were very confident , fun times had by all. Can't beat the deal at $22 for a full day of runs.
Snow Valley review written Feb 24 2013 - 08:08 PM
Lisa Watkins Intermediate Skier
Terrrible! Oversized classes. Long lines for tickets, rentals, food, and lifts. Snow Valley overbooks groups making for miserable conditions.
Snow Valley review written Feb 24 2013 - 09:47 AM
angry Intermediate Skier
after reading the reviews of snow valley i bit the bullet and bought tickets. arrived and only 2 bunny lifts were operating at the time. my drive way was probably more steep than the runs lasting 30 seconds. made 3 runs and drove to mt high instead. waste of a drive. I dont know if i would even come here for free.
Snow Valley review written Feb 23 2013 - 02:33 AM
pt Intermediate Snowboarder
Snow was crunchy in the morning, top of the mountain was closed, bare spots were opening up late morning, lack of a high speed chair in the modern age is bizarre. Spend the extra money and go to Snow Summit if long runs and full coverage is your thing, On a positive note, you can't beat the price.
Snow Valley review written Feb 20 2013 - 03:31 PM
ALLEN Intermediate Skier
great family ski area...1 hr 10 min from my home. The have a terrific learn to ski school for kids. Mine, 9 yr old boy, all day insruction, with lunch, small group, fabulous instructor...finished at 3:00 and then skied with me for two full runs. Awesome.
Snow Valley review written Feb 19 2013 - 02:42 PM
steve b Advanced Skier
Needs more snow! only four lifts were going and no diamond runs were open. Bubblegum run had exposed rocks. Why do all the lift operators speak some other language>? Very friendly anyway...
Snow Valley review written Feb 17 2013 - 08:27 PM
Steve Intermediate Snowboarder
I went up on 2/13/13 and i couldnt ask for better snow conditions! Park was basically empty. Thanks snow valley for being on liftopia, hope to see you one more time before season is over
Snow Valley review written Feb 15 2013 - 02:33 PM
Matthew Intermediate Snowboarder
Skiing and snowboarding was fantastic! My daughter and l had a great time. we enjoyed the fact that the lift chairs moved right along, no long waiting time. Snow Valley has become our favorite place because of it's location...not to high, yet perfect for us on the mountain.
Snow Valley review written Feb 08 2013 - 12:20 AM
Tish Intermediate Skier
Consider only going after a storm on when the entire mountain is open. Valley is limited in their snow making capacities and they do very little to help out mother nature.
Snow Valley review written Feb 06 2013 - 02:11 PM
Jeff S Advanced Skier
took my two boys 9 & 12 for their first time ever out skiing. They could handle the intermediate runs by mid-day. so for beginners this is a great starting place. Nice staff. The boys did $12 rentals from one of the handful or places before getting there. Don't rent at the resort. Hot day but held up alright. Short lines and friendly lift help.
Snow Valley review written Feb 05 2013 - 02:29 PM
jason Advanced Skier
For a midweek day trip Snow Valley is a pretty good place to go. TIckets are cheap and good runs for a beginner compared to Snow Summit. Go early because the snow coverage is thin and patchy and can get quite slippery by 1 pm. Avoid the equipment rental here as the lines seemed quite long and slow. Staff and service were friendly and welcoming. I plan to make atleast one trip to Snow Valley every year. Its so convenient.
Snow Valley review written Jan 29 2013 - 05:36 PM
piperatom Beginner Skier
Definitely use Liftopia to buy your tickets. My third time to Snow Valley and also the best. Slide Peak was actually open for a day. Staff is way better than those grumps at Snow Summit. Save you cash and gas and ski Snow Valley. It was on the warm side and some of the runs were slushy by the end of the day, but the price and lack of lift lines was worth it.
Snow Valley review written Jan 27 2013 - 09:31 PM
Rick Advanced Skier
Snow valley was very reasonable. The weather was poor 45 degrees and raining with poor snow coverage. Snow valley allowed me to bank our tickets and use them later this season.
Snow Valley review written Jan 26 2013 - 07:14 PM
Bill Intermediate Snowboarder
My son and I went THURSDAY < JAN !& We had a good day, nice weather. I lie nice easy runs so I got that at Snow Valley. My son who snow boards at a high intermediate level was a bit bored. No lift linee, employess nice and friendly. Great value with Liftopia prices. Otherwise, go up to the bigger ski places like Big Bear or Snow Summit
Snow Valley review written Jan 20 2013 - 11:51 AM
Cathy Beginner Skier
Great day on the slope Jan 16, 2013. There were wind closures in the morning but within an hour lift one was open. Great runs, friendly staff, not to crowded (at least for a Wednesday). Took just as long to get here as Mt. High from Pasadena (although Gmaps says it takes a whole 8 minutes longer). Wind was pretty crazy at the top of the mountain and towards the end of the day some spots were getting pretty thin or there was some wind loading which made for some fun turns.
Snow Valley review written Jan 18 2013 - 03:00 PM
IceAxe Intermediate Skier
Wonderful day skiing without the crowds. TIP: When the snow on the lower mountain is grainy or icy, go up the mountain. The snow at the top was GREAT! :)
Snow Valley review written Jan 18 2013 - 02:10 PM
B Rasband Intermediate Skier
We bought the learn to ski full mountain ticket. When we got to Snow Valley we were only able to access the 2 beginner lifts with out ticket. So than what does a full mountain lift ticket mean? We were a bit disappointed.
Snow Valley review written Jan 18 2013 - 01:05 PM
Diane Beginner Skier
went on jan 15th, was a waste of gas!!!!ive been here before and it is really really fun when the whole mountain is open. they only had the bunny slopes open! are u kidding me?!??? me and my buddies took the day off work for this... snow was okay. I've never heard of mt high or bear mountain closing 90% because of high wind. wind wasn't even bad and lifts are unreal slow. cheap tickets for a reason
Snow Valley review written Jan 18 2013 - 09:02 AM
Nick Advanced Snowboarder
I have been going to Snow Valley for 5 years and the reason I keep staying is the people who work there are great and friendly. The mountain is not overrun with young kids who do not know how to be courteous and you do not hear them say every other work, Bro. My friend and I was their this last weekend and the snow was great, temperature was great and SV makes a really good cheeseburger. Will always return.
Snow Valley review written Jan 15 2013 - 05:37 PM
Charles D Intermediate Snowboarder
Snow Valley is a decent place particularly if you're a beginner. When there is a decent amount of snow it's good for all levels -that is, if you want a place close by LA. I'm and advanced skier and learning to board. My daughter is 8 and she's learning to carve on skis- she started SV at 3! so it's perfect for us cuz she can carve I can refine my boarding and we can do it together. Good place for working on stuff. Once my daughter gets a little better (by the end of this year) we'll make the trek regularly to Summit, but right now-the extra half hour drive isn't worth it. Especially seeing you have to walk across that God-awful parking lot. Plus reduced ticket prices are good at SV. Although we have the early season passes. f I'm gonna get serious we go to Mammoth together.
Snow Valley review written Jan 15 2013 - 02:53 PM
Mal Advanced Skier
Snow Valley is a great little family resort and i recommend it for a day trip. I do not recommend using their rentals though. We wasted an hour and half in their rental chaos. I've been to other small resorts that have the rental thing down. Snow Valley does not. Rent your ski/snowboard packages at Sport Chalet or while driving up the hill to the resort. LeRoy's is good.
Snow Valley review written Jan 14 2013 - 02:19 PM
bob nydam Intermediate Skier
watch carefully on the converging trails on the face of the mountain. Saw a major collision between two fast moving folks: skier and boarder. A real yardsale of equipment and one boarder down on the tobaggan.
Snow Valley review written Jan 11 2013 - 06:28 PM
Diana Osterhues Intermediate Skier
AVOID SNOWVALLEY for as much powder they got, they have some very rough spots where dirt was clearly coming through. THe rails and boxes in the progression park could also use a little TLC from a grinder to avoid tearing up anyone else's base. Finally, the staff... it seemed like most of them didn't want to be there, and they came off as prejudiced on race. They only found it necessary to check tickets on my sister and friend, both of whom are black. No one else in line got scanned except for them. Thats unacceptable. Another thing, the lifts are painfully slow, so if you're used to high speed lifts, you will poke your eyes out by the time you get half way to the summit. i will never come here again. Save the money and go big at bear mountain or snow summit. The extra money will give a better experience.
Snow Valley review written Jan 10 2013 - 02:29 PM
kev Intermediate Snowboarder
Went up on monday, jan 7, after it had snowed the night before, expecting a fun day with some powder. very, very disappointed, as once we arrived, the mountain was 90%closed due to "high winds". This was a major letdown as it is likely the only chance this year I will go up with my husband. The tickets were affordable and easy to get once we arrived, and the woman who helped us was nice- she said we could come back and use our tickets another day if we wanted. However, this was too little too late, as it had taken us almost 5 hours to get there from san diego. I had checked the snow report and lift status before we left and there was no way of knowing there had been such a drastic closure. I might suggest in the future either have road signs letting people know before they get all the way up there or notifying liftopia purchasers via email of changing conditions. This was terrible. Worst snowboarding day ever, not impressed with snow valley.
Snow Valley review written Jan 09 2013 - 07:09 PM
whitney Intermediate Snowboarder
Thet had just received 4-6 inches of fresh powder the night before and would only open the beginner runs on the lower part of the mountain for the entire day, claiming that the winds at the top were too strong to allow them to open any of the intermediate or advanced runs. I did 20 runs on the lower mountain and got so bored that I left by 2:30. So much for the fresh powder.
Snow Valley review written Jan 09 2013 - 05:51 PM
Frank Advanced Skier
excellent day and I enjoyed very much and great weather too
Snow Valley review written Jan 07 2013 - 04:20 PM
MJ Intermediate Skier
Get there early! There were hardly any lines and the snow was fresh:-)
Snow Valley review written Jan 07 2013 - 12:14 PM
Bonnie Beginner Skier
The second Friday of Winter break and there were many people there, but mostly beginners, it appeared. The lifts from the bottom were crowded, but the upper lifts had NO LINES!. The wind had died down and the temperature was perfect! Pulled pork sandwich ($9.95) at the upper lunch deck was good, and I brought my own water bottle, as the water in the bathroom tap is not potable. Liftopia tickets are easy to take care of, and although there was still a line at 10AM, it moved quickly. Liftopia is the way to go! GREAT discount!
Snow Valley review written Jan 06 2013 - 04:57 PM
KJ Intermediate Skier
awesome place, service A++ Tip: purchase a snow summit tickets as well eat breakfast at grizzly
Snow Valley review written Jan 04 2013 - 09:44 AM
Sash Advanced Skier
Bought some lift tickets from here for my cousin and sis, who was visiting from the bay area. checked the snow valley site before heading up from San Diego, said it was closing at 8 at night. Took us awhile because coming with a group of six people. Traffic was really bad up the mountain; cars stopping putting on chains, by the time we got there is was around 1pm. Took us another hour to unload and wore our gears. When we were all ready to go boarding, found out they change closing time to 4pm. Wasted our gas and lift tickets. And don't forget the 10 bucks on parking!!!!!!! How do you get your money back from parking? No one really explain it to us. Trip date was 26 of Dec. The day night session supposedly suppose to start.
Snow Valley review written Jan 03 2013 - 11:30 AM
john Intermediate Snowboarder
I went on Dec 31st 2012.... a great way to end the year. We came up from Studio City. Our first stop... the WORLDS BEST Blueberry Pancakes in Running Springs in the town Diner. AWESOME... The blueberries have to cost more than the pancakes sell for. ANYWAY... Lftopia sales table was quick and efficient... and saved us a nice sum of money. A TIP... Even though it was the last day of the year.. it was very crowded... manageable... but crowded. I have been hit by reckless snowboarders in the past.... and your skiing experience will be MUCH better and more SAFE,,, if you ski on days when schools are open. During the week is BEST!! I suggest that if you like to ski.... the best place to do it.. is SNOW VALLEY... and the best time to SKI.... is during the week when all schools are OPEN. I really like lift 13... I DO WISH THEY WOULD OPEN ALL THREE RUNS ON 13 ( right, middle and left). Looking forward to the next trip. GREAT WEATHER... BLUE SKYS... OPEN RUNS... perfect day.
Snow Valley review written Jan 02 2013 - 02:32 PM
Doc Sab Intermediate Skier
Went on 12/31/2012 after 4 or 5" of fresh snow. Almost everything was open and there was some fun powder. With Liftopia tickets, you have to go upstairs above the normal ticket area to the "Group Sales" room. We got there early on a day with chains required so there was no wait. Saved some money with Liftopia on adult tickets plus one with rental. We had to buy the child ticket separately but wasn't a big deal since it wasn't busy.
Snow Valley review written Jan 02 2013 - 02:17 PM
DQ Shaftoe Intermediate Snowboarder
When a good snow storm has hit So Cal, Snow Valley is a great bargain. Thanks to Liftopia's deal, I took my teenage daughter on only her 2nd trip skiiing. Snow Valley is a great place to learn with enough intermediate and advanced runs to allow a person to up the challenge during the day. Small or non existent lift lines make the amount of time spent on the slope as close to 100% as you want. I would highly recommend Snow Valley. Save yourself the extra drive to Snow Summit or Bear Mtn and skip the crowds at Mtn. High.
Snow Valley review written Dec 23 2012 - 04:09 PM
Chris Intermediate Skier
awsome :P
Snow Valley review written Dec 22 2012 - 05:08 PM
Bernard Em Intermediate Snowboarder
Hi Charles, I accidentally "flagged" your comment. Sorry. I'm sure they'll leave it alone as you said nothing derogatory. I just wanted to let you know that the reason they charge $5. for parking is so others who are not skiing can't park there. They give the $5. back upon leaving if they didn't make that clear. Go ahead next time and ask them. If you get a ski pass or ticket and prove that you're skiing, they don't ask for it. Just a tip. They should make it more clear.
Snow Valley review written Oct 16 2012 - 08:54 AM
Suzy Elghanayan Advanced Skier
There is no learning class any more now. If you want to learn, you need to pay private class ($99/hr).
Snow Valley review written Apr 12 2012 - 02:27 PM
JoeJoe Beginner Skier
Great place to bring a first timer!
Snow Valley review written Apr 04 2012 - 09:02 PM
neil Advanced Skier
It was a fun weekend day trip. None of the steeps are really very long trails so for an advanced skier you might get a leg burn by the end if you start from top to bottom. Great place for beginners no doubt and the prices on liftopia made it totally worth it. It was convenient and I never experienced a line this past weekend( last week of March). I'd do it again.... or more likely check out Big Bear next time.
Snow Valley review written Apr 03 2012 - 10:56 PM
Lauren Advanced Skier
What really surprises me... I had to pay $5 for parking at Snow Valley. I don't recall paying any parking fees at other ski resorts. The last time I skiied was 20 years ago. I went to Snow Valley last Saturday because my 12 year old son wanted to try snowboarding & skiing, so I had to take him with me. We had a great time. At 8 AM, the snow was "hardpacked" but few hours after that, it was just perfect. The food (lunch) was good, but expensive (two hot dogs, two fries and two drinks $27.00). The Snow Valley's website doesn't say anything about $5 parking fee. I just don't like "surprises". Yes, I would go there again. The staff are friendly and very helpful.
Snow Valley review written Mar 27 2012 - 08:40 PM
Charles Intermediate Skier
Went on a Thursday and had a blast! There were no lines to get on lifts, a ton of snow and plenty of free parking. All the employees were friendly and helpful. All for $20 a ticket through liftopia. If I didn't have to go back to school next week I would go again! Oh ya, and WEAR GOOD SUNSCREEN. I wore some low strength sunscreen and am still pretty sunburned!
Snow Valley review written Mar 24 2012 - 05:07 PM
Jonathan Advanced Snowboarder
Went on Monday and it was very relaxing, no lines at all, friendly staff. Front row parking. Good for begginers bc it was slushy. For intermediate its decent. Snow is melting and theres not much left, barley any coverage. You can see the ground coming up just about anytime now. Will not be going back until theres snow, to take care of my bored.
Snow Valley review written Mar 15 2012 - 03:43 PM
Kehm Intermediate Snowboarder
Liftopia was fabulous - discount tickets at a click of a button.. We went up March 11 and had a great time at Snow-Valley despite limited snow and trails. We had my 5 year-old daughter in an all day ski lesson. For most of the day she ended up being the only person in her class!!! She had a blast!!! It was very warm, so the snow got real slushy by the end of the day - hopefully this week's weather will yield a bit more snow as they need it!!! But, for beginner skiers I'd definitely still recommend it.
Snow Valley review written Mar 13 2012 - 02:42 PM
Peter Advanced Skier
Charged $5 per car for parking - really? Get there early if you are renting their skis - the line is long. Otherwise everyone had a great time, a good family place for all levels of skiing/snowboarding.
Snow Valley review written Feb 21 2012 - 09:39 PM
JYD's fam Beginner Snowboarder
I went Jan-20. The snow was firm and later in the day there were rocks coming through the melting snow. Only 2 runs open. I went on a Friday and there was NO one there! It was very nice for beginning on snowboarding. Good fun trip. I would go again (when there's more snow). nice for a beginner and intermediate.
Snow Valley review written Jan 24 2012 - 02:06 AM
yo Beginner Snowboarder
Good alternative to Bear/Snow Summit. Short or no lines, decent terrain, and good vibe. Friendly staff, ample parking, and decent snow. Only 3 lifts were open, but still had a great time. I would definately recommend this place. Can't wait to go back when more lifts are open. Thanks for the great deal Liftopia!
Snow Valley review written Jan 22 2012 - 04:39 PM
Hey Intermediate Snowboarder
I am really a beginner / intermediate skier. I LOVED Snow Valley. I have skied in about 9 resorts so far and I can't remember a place that was so relaxed and easy. No attitude, no long lines, just chill and perfect. It's not the most glamorous place, and if you want to show off your outfit you might want to go elsewhere. But if you just want an easy no hassle day of skiing, this is it. Good vibes.
Snow Valley review written Jan 18 2012 - 04:25 PM
lisa Beginner Skier
It's a really nice place. I go here a lot. Unfortunately because California weather sucks the snow kind of got slushy at some parts. If your looking for a place to just cruise around and don't like the crowd at Mt. High, I would recommend going here. I personally hate Mt. High because of the over population. I brought my friend here for the first time who absolutely LOVES Mt. High and he was very pleased and said he wouldn't mind coming here again at all. Liftopia discount ticket prices were a perk for him too.
Snow Valley review written Jan 06 2012 - 02:09 PM
Andres Advanced Snowboarder
Was real nice, and Liftopia is awesome. Tips...? Hmm. First, the night skiing availability with the Liftopia package deal this week was great. Almost nobody on the chair lifts or the slopes after 4pm, and you can see just fine - at least with the nice moonlit evenings we had; not that the run lights are insufficient, but the moon light adds a nice touch. Next, I would recommend getting a package that doesn't include rentals, because there's long lines for that, both to pick them up, and to return them (if you leave at 4pm that is.) Rent your equipment off-site at Bauer's or something. Cheers.
Snow Valley review written Dec 31 2011 - 02:43 PM
Christopher Bebout Advanced Skier
Heel toes
Snow Valley review written Dec 26 2011 - 07:54 PM
daniel weitzel Advanced Snowboarder
Went up on the 23rd. They only had two bunny slopes open because they said there were strong winds at the top, but it was not that windy at the bottom. We were told they would open the upper lifts by 12:00, then 1:00. There was nobody preparing the upper lifts at 12:00 and we were so bored, we just left. My friends were at Bear Mtn and all the runs were open, but they said it was crowded. Next time I might just make the extra drive. It would have been worth it. :( Check the weather report, Snow Valley website, or call them before you go up there.
Snow Valley review written Dec 26 2011 - 11:47 AM
Guy Advanced Skier
The pics on the site are definitely not from Snow Valley! Despite being open, had not groomed the runs for more than a day, so very icy. Only had two lifts open until the last 2 hours of the day. The snow stunk, but I don't know that Bear would have been any better as its not far away!
Snow Valley review written Dec 25 2011 - 02:37 PM
Ryan Intermediate Snowboarder
Children had a Blast!!! Snow was good, lifts were smooth running. Lodge could have been better but it was a GREAT day for everone! We hope to return before the New Year! Yeah!
Snow Valley review written Dec 22 2011 - 06:54 AM
The Temecula Gang Intermediate Snowboarder
if i could i would snowboard daily. i want to board for the rest of my life!!!!!
Snow Valley review written Dec 14 2011 - 01:35 PM
ashley Beginner Snowboarder

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