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Sierra-At-Tahoe Ski Report, Mountain Conditions and Resort Statistics

  • 11 Beginner
  • 23 Intermediate
  • 12 Advanced
Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort: Keepin It Real

Known for its wind-protected slopes, incredible tree skiing, family programs and parks and pipes that are among the best in the nation, Sierra Resort is a bastion of the authentic California ski experience. Easy to get to and always laid-back, Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort welcomes skiers and snowboarders to escape from everyday life and enjoy the simple pleasure ... of winter in the mountains.
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Sierra-At-Tahoe Amenities

  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
    Night skiing available.
  • Terrain Park Terrain Park
    Ski area offers at least one terrain park.
  • Half Pipe Half Pipe
    Ski area offers a half pipe.
  • Cat Skiing Cat Skiing
    Cat skiing is available at this resort; may entail an add'l cost
  • Grooming Grooming
    This resort grooms a portion of its slopes.
  • Snow Making Snow Making
    Ski area offers snow making for additional coverage.
  • Family Friendly Family Friendly
    This resort is known for providing a family friendly atmosphere.
  • Expert Favorite Expert Favorite
    This resort is known for its challenging terrain.
  • Daycare Available Daycare Available
    Guests have access to daycare services; an additional charge may apply.
  • Slopeside Dining Slopeside Dining
    Resort offers at least one restaurant on the slopes; hours may vary.
  • Slopeside Lodging Slopeside Lodging
    This resort has slopeside lodging available; it may or may not be ski in/ski out.
  • Tubing Tubing
    This resort offers tubing activities; additional charges may apply
  • Wi-Fi Access Wi-Fi Access
    This resort is equipped with internet access; additional charges may apply
  • Skiers Only Skiers Only
    This resort does not allow snowboarding.
  • Ropes Course/Aerial Park Ropes Course/Aerial Park
    Resort offers ropes course/aerial park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Alpine Slide / Coaster Alpine Slide / Coaster
    Resort has Alpine Slide, Alpine Coast or both. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Concerts / Festivals Concerts / Festivals
    Frequent host of concerts or festivals.
  • Event Space/Conference Center Event Space/Conference Center
    Resort has event space & conference center available.
  • Former Olympic Site Former Olympic Site
    Resort is a former Olympic site.
  • Gambling Gambling
    Resort has legal gambling services.
  • Golf Course Golf Course
    Resort has a golf course. Additional charges may apply, may only be open in summer.
  • Gondola Rides Gondola Rides
    Resort offers gondola rides.
  • Hiking Hiking
    Resort offers hiking trails and services. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Ice Skating Ice Skating
    Resort offers ice skating activities.
  • Indoor Waterpark Indoor Waterpark
    Resort offers indoor waterpark.
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
    Resort offers mountain biking. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Outdoor Waterpark Outdoor Waterpark
    Resort offers outdoor water park. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Segway Tours Segway Tours
    Resort offers segway tours. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.
  • Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
    Resort offers snowmobiling. Additional charges may apply.
  • Spa Spa
    Resort offers spa services. Additional charges may apply.
  • Zipline Zipline
    Resort offers zipline activities. Additional charges may apply, may only be available in summer.

Sierra-At-Tahoe Operations


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Lifts Open/Total

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Trails Open/Total

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Sierra-At-Tahoe Snow Report & Ski Conditions

Base Elevation

6,640 ft

24-hr Snowfall


Vertical Drop

2,212 ft

Avg Base Depth


Peak Elevation

8,852 ft

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Sierra-At-Tahoe Reviews & Tips (49)

Bought the tickets online and when when stopped by at the window purchase ticket, the staff told us to go to the rental snow board area to pick up our ski ticket and rental? The line was long at the rental snow board and we were told that we are on a wrong place to pick up the ticket and rental equipments…took us almost 1 1/2 hour before we got everything. Staff at the purchase ticket window is not familiar with the locations? The courtesy staff were very polite and very helpful with us, great place to ski.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 15 2016 - 10:01 PM
Bill Advanced Skier
I paid my first visit to Sierra at Tahoe on February 5. It is not as big as some of the Tahoe areas, but the atmosphere is much more relaxed than, say, Heavenly. The staff was uniformly pleasant. I thought it was a great value. Some of the lifts are very slow so stick to the high-speed ones. If you go on a Friday like I did, get there early so you can get a good parking spot and before the crowds come in the afternoon. I found the snow in the West Bowl area to be superior than other parts of the mountain, particularly the backside. Somehow, my $12.95 burrito ended up being $17.95 even though I didn't get guacamole. Bring a fat wallet if you want to eat or drink.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 11 2016 - 08:42 AM
Gerry Advanced Skier
Fun place. A little crowded but it opened up when the second lift got going. I wouldn't rent a snowboard her unless you get there right when they open. We waited in line for 50 minutes to rent a board. The ski rental (in a separate area was much shorter. They have some good green runs for beginners. Sugar and Spice is looooong and flat in places. If you don't carry some speed down the hill be prepared to walk. The blue runs cut across Sugar and Spice which was nice....see what I did there? As a beginner I wasn't riding the Blue runs yet but I like having the option to take short blue runs as I progress. The bar at the top of the wasn't too crowded and the beer was fairly priced. All in all I would go back again but bring my own gear.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 01 2016 - 02:36 PM
Mike Beginner Snowboarder
If you get one of these tickets, and the parking lot if too full to let you in, you're screwed. Make sure there isn't an event or something the next day. Sierra is a great resort for the distance! I especially love west bowl.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 31 2016 - 11:58 AM
Mike Advanced Snowboarder
My wife and I visited Sierra on a Thursday when the weather started out very sunny and in the mid 40's. We were thinking "Oh well another semi-warm ski day again." That changed after about 1-1/2 hours as a snow storm rolled in and coated everything in fresh powder. We left our goggles in our hotel room but skied way were we missing out on an awesome day. Sierra was great. The longest we waited at any lift was 60 seconds. Small crowds, great skiing and a friendly staff all around. We will be back for sure! We saved on our lift tickets using Liftopia but I would recommend printing your receipt and ticket info if possible instead of using your phone to show the bar codes because service for cell phones on the mountain is problematic.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 30 2016 - 03:28 PM
Damon M. Intermediate Skier
We had a great day! Good snow this year and an afternoon snow flurry coated everything with a layer of powder for rest of the day. Our tip is liftopia is a good way to go. We used a liftopia gift certificate from last year since there was no snow last year. Also it was easy to use the gift certificate even when we had to back out of the shopping cart.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 30 2016 - 02:26 PM
jim Intermediate Skier
Thank you Mother Nature for bringing us snow. We were able to ski two days this month and really enjoyed ourselves. The terrain parks on the green runs were fun. Avoid Saturdays unless you like disorganized long lines. The best skiing is first thing in the morning before the runs are all chopped up. Lunch was $50 for a family of 3.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 24 2016 - 09:34 PM
Cade Intermediate Skier
Ask to ski with a ski host. It was our first time at Sierra and we were shown around the resort by two ski hosts for a couple hours. They were both great guys and we got to ski most of the blue trails with them We had a great time while being escorted around. Awesome!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 18 2016 - 04:36 PM
PeterW Intermediate Skier
- Backside can be wide open and untouched even on a busy day. - The 2-seater lift at the base sometimes has a zero line while the express has a 30 min wait. - On a busy Sunday, it took us a full 60 minutes to leave the parking lot at 4:00.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 12 2016 - 02:51 PM
Joe Advanced Skier
Closest slope to me (I live in El Dorado Hills). This is the first year in a few, though, that I have been in town when there actually was snow. I recommend getting up there early. It seems to me that those folks who get just enough proficiency on the snow boards on the bunny hill make it to Sugar and Spice in the afternoon and the run out of control--yelling behind you "Left!" "On your right!" There are lots of employees there to lend a hand. I was a little weirded out with security guards roving around last Sunday. Really? Is it needed? It is easy to get in and out of there. If you need a warm meal before you leave, chili is half off in the bar at happy hour (3). Cheers!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 05 2016 - 05:39 PM
Regina Intermediate Skier
Well greased operation. From parking lot to equipment rental to lift ticket I was on the lift for the first run in 30 minutes! Lots of staff all over the place helping folks. Great snow and while not a resort for an advanced skier to spend more than a couple of days, there was opportunities to dart into the trees as well! Definitely a good resort given good snow conditions!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 31 2015 - 10:52 AM
John Advanced Skier
Definitely a great place for kids and families. Enough for the advanced skiers to do while kids are in lessons, then ski some blues in the afternoon as a family. My tip on the tickets would be to either buy them in advance at a ticket window or at your hotel/resort (Tahoe Beach and Ski has them at the front desk) to get a discounted price to avoid standing in line. Liftopia is definitely the best price but be prepared to stand in line just the same the morning to pick up your actual ticket. We just went last weekend and the lines to pick up tickets were as long as when you just buy tickets that day. Also, even though it says to pick up at the Season Pass office, you can go to any window. Good luck and have a great day at Sierra-at-Tahoe!!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 22 2015 - 02:18 PM
tburgulosis Advanced Skier
Skiid here a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed the resort. Numerous runs were open and staff were very friendly and helpful. Had a great experience and plan to go back again. Prices on liftopia have been very good.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 21 2015 - 02:36 PM
Jay Intermediate Skier
Make sure to call the mountain and ask which runs are open prior to purchasing. We had a blast, but were a little bummed that the backside was closed. I expected icy conditions, but was happy to see it wasn't so bad. The lifts were quick and the operators did a great job keeping them moving considering it was a holiday.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 05 2015 - 05:08 PM
Heather Advanced Snowboarder
Snow was sticky, make sure you use the fight wax
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 11 2014 - 05:03 PM
Darrell Ling Intermediate Snowboarder
Even though there is powder, don't be fooled. "Sierra Cement" is a phrase to describe it. I was surprised how heavy it was when I visited right after a storm earlier this week. Beware during Spring skiing that the West bowl is lower than the village. It gets slushy earlier.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 06 2014 - 07:21 PM
Mark Intermediate Skier
Need snow
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 28 2014 - 03:00 PM
Steve Advanced Skier
WOW!!! Sierra is beautiful, is nice, the crew is amazing and helpfull, the slopes are wide and easy to ride. I just enjoyed a lot here!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 15 2014 - 11:57 AM
Had an awesome day at Sierra - quite surprising. Only the one storm had cruised through so expectations were low. The conditions were great for early season, and the staff was super helpful/friendly. My first time at Sierra and I am excited to head out there when there is more terrain open.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 13 2013 - 06:00 PM
Evan Advanced Skier
Had a great trip to Sierra-at-Tahoe! Got my lift ticket on Liftopia in advance and saved a bunch of loot. There was limited terrain open but it was a great day. They had a small park open with rails and jumps which was nice given how early it was in the season.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 13 2013 - 02:56 PM
Rob Advanced Snowboarder
I'm an intermediate skier, and I think that this is the perfect mountain for me. We've done season passes for the past few years, gotten great deals, and will definitely go again this upcoming season. We love taking our lunch break at the top of the mountain at the cozy resort, having the pork pulled sandwich and a glass of wine, and then finishing off the day with a few more runs.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written May 30 2013 - 07:13 AM
Jane Intermediate Skier
It was awesome. The snow was great springtime soft - did not hurt too much to fall. The people who work there were all friendly and helpful. Good deals for kids and seniors. Nice lodge.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Apr 06 2013 - 11:18 AM
Julian Beginner Snowboarder
Great day to ski. Enjoyed it very much with so many great runs. Snow is much better here than in Heavenly. They seem to get more snow. Runs are good for intermediate skiier and snow boarders.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 21 2013 - 03:24 PM
Bij Intermediate Skier
Their lounge is not so much family-friendly. It is great skiing, though -- I found it much better than Heavenly. They have better snow and runs are good for today's price.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 21 2013 - 03:20 PM
Mike Intermediate Skier
Great Day!! Lots of Groomed runs which made it easy for everybody to get down the hill together. West Bowl was a great place to ski. If you wanted a long run you could head back down by the lodge, head up to the top of the hill and ski all the way down to the bottom of the West Bowl...seemed like we skied forever! One tip for a holdiay time not come late or you will be in parking miles away from the lodge without a shuttle service...and the really late comers got parked up next to the snow shoulders leaving them with only one side of their vehicle to get out and the incoming cars need to stop while you have your door that off with having young kids still in the car, yikes! I imagine by the time the half day skiers actually got on the hill, they only had half an afternoon left to ski. Overall, great place to ski. Widest bunny hill slope I'd ever seen so made room for new learners to get comfortable on the hill.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 29 2012 - 05:57 PM
Chase Intermediate Skier
Just a general tip for all liftopia ticket-buying. Make sure that you KNOW you will be able to go on the day you book the tickets for. We reached Sierra at 1:00, so we only boarded from 1:30-4pm. We kept running into little issues (traffic, chain removal) that delayed us, so we almost didn't get to use the two lift tickets we bought.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 29 2012 - 05:40 PM
RRL Intermediate Snowboarder
It was an awesome day! The snow was light, the lift lines were short and the beer was cold. Tried my new ski tracker app and hit 65.1 mph covering 1200 verticle and 1.2 mile in 2.49 minutes. Sweet runs! Wide open for real adventure.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 21 2012 - 09:47 PM
Mendo kid Advanced Skier
During the week, great priced tickets, great weather, great snow, minimal wait on lifts, great vibes from skiers, snowboarders, and staff; overall amazing trip.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 21 2012 - 07:59 PM
Caressa Sera Intermediate Snowboarder
One of the shortest and most convenient drives from the Bay Area. Really good tree runs on the backside. Went on a Monday during constant, medium snowfall and had a stellar day! Virtually empty! The mountain feels bigger than what the trail map shows. Hadn't been there in years but found a good deal thru Liftopia only hours before I decided to drive up. Left from Novato at 4:45, arrived in the parking lot at 7:30. Coulldn't believe how quick I got there. This was in steady rain until 6000 feet, then the AWD kicked in. Having to chain up will slow you down a bit, especially if the snow level is lower than it was that day. The only slight negative was that since it was a warmer storm, the snow towards the bottom of the runs got pretty heavy. Not too bad for boarders, much worse for skiers. But only at the very lowest levels.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 21 2012 - 11:46 AM
Eric Advanced Snowboarder
When you buy a ticket through LIFTOPIA you have two posibilities. The first one is to get a ticket for a great price, once you have skied and enjoyed your day. The second posibility is to lose your ticket because there was an storm, or it was raining, or they closed because the high speed of the wind . This mean you lost the money you've paid for the ticket. This system belongs to the stadistics science. Do not get frustrated if you lose your money and do not exagerate your hapinness for having enjoyed a nice day because the low price. Both have made a business, your and the Resort. Remember there is no a free lunch!....but i was lucky with my LIFTOPIA tickets.....i hope you will !
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 13 2012 - 04:58 PM
Mauricio Intermediate Skier
The last run of the season was also the best run for me!! Dumped big time last Saturday and was picture perfect on Sunday!! Lots of pow!! My tip: Once you're up to speed, avoid sugar n spice. Yes it has its fun moments (and I still do it), but there are a few flat spots that are a bitch to walk AND there are just waaay too many people - you almost have to be at the intermediate level just to be able avoid people...haha
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Apr 03 2012 - 02:45 PM
Al G Intermediate Snowboarder
Was there for 3 days and Sierra got dumped on, where Heavenly got nothing. Great runs, and great experience!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 23 2012 - 03:45 PM
Matt Intermediate Skier
If a storm is predicted, don't buy your tickets in advance. It took us 4 hours to get from Sacramento to Sierra-at-Tahoe, and the 35mph winds and snow drifts made even the easy runs challenging. Only went up twice and called it a day. Not worth the $45 each we paid for the tickets.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 02 2012 - 08:25 PM
ellen Advanced Skier
Had a great time snowboarding on the Broadway Run with my 7 year old sister on Skis. Snowboarded on the Blue Beaver trail. Loved the powdery snow (machine - homegrown) and my mum skied. Sierra at Tahoe has lots of beginner and intermediate runs to choose from. Only drawback renting skis and snowboard are on 2 different floors, bring your own if you can.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 06 2012 - 09:45 PM
Gabe Beginner Snowboarder
The steeps and the backside were closed due to coverage issues, but the blues were entertaining enough. I'd like to go back to see all the mountain. GREAT staff, and a pleasant local feel.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 31 2012 - 11:42 PM
Kevin Intermediate Skier
Would like to have seen some groomed runs. It appeared that all were not. It was snowing lightly, but not enough to put down the snow on the runs that were there. My first time @ Sierra @ Tahoe and was a little disappointed.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 25 2011 - 07:28 PM
Judy ( Good Intermediate) Intermediate Skier
Really friendly ticket office person. And very quick walk to the lift from parking.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Mar 16 2011 - 02:36 PM
Matt Intermediate Skier
It was great and Liftopia was a good choice.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 11 2011 - 01:41 PM
john Intermediate Snowboarder
Price from Liftopia + Good Sierra conditions = a GREAT time
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 08 2011 - 07:58 PM
Dan Intermediate Snowboarder
great terrain and great snow good equipment, the way they should all be and at liftopia price!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Feb 01 2011 - 02:11 PM
Franck Advanced Snowboarder
Getting a helmet for a my first time snowboarding was a good idea however, I wish someone told me to get a butt protector! Conditions were very hard and icy.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 31 2011 - 03:44 PM
Tyler Beginner Snowboarder
Save on money - - bring your own food and eat in the parking lot. Great time, perfect for new skiers and snowboarders.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 24 2011 - 03:17 PM
Debbie Intermediate Snowboarder
print your confirmation for your lift ticket. Even though it states all you need is your ID and you do not need to print the paper confirmation in order to pick up your lift ticket, it is NOT true. The teller made us go to guest services and re-print the email before she would give us our lift tickets!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 24 2011 - 02:07 PM
unknown Intermediate Snowboarder
Sierra is an outstanding resort! I was a season pass holder there for 3 years and am never unsatisfied. They great snowfall amongst other resorts and they terrain parks are very versatile. Great resort, i highly recommend it cause its not too far and right off the 50!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 24 2011 - 12:01 AM
Nick Bongiorno Advanced Snowboarder
Sierra at Tahoe is a "best kept secret." The great variety of terrain and trails makes up for its size ... otherwise it's Squaw Valley for me. We skied Kirkwood, then Heavenly then Sierra last week and Sierra had THE BEST snow conditions, hands down--this after 9 days without new snow in the Tahoe Sierras ... probably because of the tree coverage and location on Echo Summit.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 23 2011 - 08:56 PM
VIcki Advanced Skier
Prepare for some hiking if you are an advanced snowboarder. Anything off the Huckleberry gates will land you on a cross country trail with a half mile skate/walk back to the resort. On a plus, they groom the trail knowing you have to walk out. The steeps were incredible!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 09 2011 - 09:36 PM
Tahoe Ben Advanced Snowboarder
Snow was perfect (Jan 5), lifts were moving well, and not too crowded. Cantina fish tacos were tasty, too!
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Jan 07 2011 - 02:53 PM
Drew Advanced Skier
Great conditions for boarding! Right in between storms! Surprisingly busy for a Thursday though :)
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 18 2010 - 03:41 PM
Chad Neveau Advanced Snowboarder
Love this resort. It is close to Sacramento, which makes it convenient, and it is a lot of fun. Not a lot of room when it's packed on the busy days, but I have always had a great time there. Steer clear in the spring, as it gets slushy before any other resort due to its elevation and exposure to the sun.
Sierra-At-Tahoe review written Dec 18 2009 - 02:05 PM
Jim Advanced Snowboarder

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